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By: U-Turn USA  09-12-2011

Another very interesting fact to note is the weights of the different units.  All units were weighed and then the weight was corrected for the estimated amount of fuel or other items install such as reserves to give a true real world weight comparison.  Once again the Flat Top Ninja obliterated the competition while being 13 lbs lighter than it’s closest competitors!!! So not only did the Flat Top Ninja smoke all competitors for pure power even with it’s handicap of the governor being installed but it also has a huge gigantic ridiculously big weight advantage over units like Black Hawk, Nirvana, Fresh Breeze and others.  More power while being 13 lbs lighter than it’s closest competitor really puts into perspective why the Flat Top Ninja is the #1 unit on the market today.

Thanks goes out to the Indy Air Hogs for putting together the thrust test and providing all of us with the truth!

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Very often newcomers to the sport have very serious concerns about what will happen if their glider is damaged in any way and or even normal wear and tear and how it will affect the safety. Hopefully this video will help give newcomers a more realistic perspective of what should and shouldn’t be a real concern with their K2 paraglider.