By: U-Turn USA  09-12-2011
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Very often newcomers to the sport have very serious concerns about what will happen if their glider is damaged in any way and or even normal wear and tear and how it will affect the safety.  Things from small holes, to frayed or broken lines or cuts in the canopy all too often give people a very unrealistic fear of what will happen.  We obviously don’t recommend you fly a damaged glider and should get it repaired and inspected regularly but to help people understand just how ridiculously safe and stable the K2 paraglider is we flew this one that was severely damage with huge gigantic holes, tons of missing lines including the left brake completely gone and about 1/3 of the glider was totally shredded.  As you can see from the video it flies just fine.  People fear the unknown and most people just don’t know that the K2 paraglider can literally fly with only 1/3 of the glider in tact.   So fear not, even if you accidentally dump 2 cases of 12ga into your K2 while in flight it will very likely continue flying without a problem.  Again this doesn’t mean you should ignore damage mindlessly but it should help you feel much more secure knowing that anything you might not have noticed is highly unlikely to cause any real issue.  The K2 paraglider is the safest glider we’ve ever tested.  Hopefully this video will help give newcomers a more realistic perspective of what should and shouldn’t be a real concern with their K2 paraglider.  Keep in mind this is a K2, we would not have flown this had it been any other glider.  We have tested K2′s so extensively there was no question in our minds it would fly no problem in this condition.  The K2 rocks!!!

Keywords: Glider

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