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    For 75 years, Econolite has been an innovator of transportation management solutions. U-Tron has partnered with Econolite to bring its advanced technology to the Asian market. Together we are providing Central systems in local languages, provide system integration with locally available components, redesign the signal cabinets to best suites the international requirements and provide 24/7 local language service.

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    U-Tron research and Develop cabinets for various applications. Our NEMA Select cabinets are now available for using with any Econolite NEMA controllers. We have pushed the limits of NEMA standards and eliminated obsolete American Standards that requires bulky load switches and complicated monitoring units just for keeping the old signal lamps functioning.

    U-Tron cabinets will provide adequate room for Ethernet communication, video vechile and surveillance wiring, remote police units and may new functions that are never seen before. Our cabinets are the perfect fit for the future VII developments and NTCIP communication expansion.

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    U-Tron has a long relationship with Iteris. We proudly integrate Iteris Vantage products into our NEMA Select controllers. We are also an authorized distributor of all Iteris products in China. From U-Tron you can purchase, get fast deliveries out of our Beijing warehouse, get local 24/7 support and pay in local currencies when ever ther is a need for any Iteris product.

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    Other products and services from U-tron


    UFO Recessed Light

    To achieve the best results and minimizing the cost the casings of the Down lights must act as the UFO Engines heat sink, this way we can pack as much as 30 High Power LEDs made by Cree which gives more then 120Lumen per every watt. Incorporating the LED technology to retrofit existing Halogen Down Lights made by Shanghai FUCIDA Company needs careful integration as to maximize the light spread and cooling efficiency.


    Lucas Twin Head 180

    The requirement for higher brightness is met by our new Lucas Twin Head luminaries. This model also solves the problems faced with wider poles with over 80mm diameter. The new no hassle modular design brings easy installation and wiring techniques.


    High efficient LED Power Supply

    Unlike other primary side sensing methods that need to know input power and output voltage information, this new scheme provides much better output current regulation since the accuracy is barely affected by transformer winding resistance, switch R DS, output diode forward voltage drop and LED cable voltage drop.