TPC Group - Butene-1

By: Txpetrochem  09-12-2011

TPC Group has the largest Butene-1 (B-1) capacity in North America with production assets in its Houston facility. B-1 is a favored co-monomer in the production of linear low-density and high-density polyethylene.  B-1 is also used as a building block in the production of plasticizers as well as the manufacture of high performance gasoline additives.

With significant logistical infrastructure, TPC Group has the capability to make bulk Butene-1 deliveries in various modes including pipeline, marine, railcar and truck.

BUTENE-1 LV % 99.0
OTHER C4's LV % 1.0

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TPC Group - Nonene, Propylene Tetramer & Pentamer

Produced at our Baytown facility, TPC Group manufactures nonene, propylene tetramer and pentamer, which are propylene oligomers, used as intermediates in the production of plasticizers, detergents, lube oil additives, antioxidants and other performance products. TPC Group provides a variety of terminaling services at its Baytown facility.


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TPC Group is one of only three North American manufacturers of high purity isobutylene and the only manufacturer of high purity di-isobutylene in the Western Hemisphere. TPC prides itself on its customer focus as we play a key role as a merchant manufacturer and supplier to the market. DIISOBUTYLENE ASSAY (Dimer 1 + Dimer 2.


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TPC Group offers the broadest portfolio of PIB products to the market and is a major supplier to the lubricant and fuel additive markets, as well as multiple other applications such as caulks, sealants, adhesives, packaging, greases and emulsifiers. HR-PIB is especially valued in the fuel and lubricant additive market as it delivers improved end product performance to the consumer and better manufacturing economics for the additive supplier.


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MTBE Produced by TPC Group at our Houston plant, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether is a valuable component that both enhances octane while lowering emissions during gasoline consumption. TPC Group offers a variety of products used in fuel blending to upgrade the value or help meet demanding environmental regulations. Dimate TPC Group’s newest product offering in the fuels market is propylene dimate which is another fuel enhancing additive.


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Supply Chain Excellence At TPC Group, we have an extensive logistics network that ensures efficient receipt of raw materials and delivery of our products regardless of shipment mode, whether by pipeline, ship, barge or rail. Market Leadership As a leader in C4 and C3 hydrocarbons, TPC Group combines its technical expertise, world scale processing facilities and customer focus to deliver competitive, value added products to the market.


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We are a world scale aggregator of CC4 streams and play an essential role to the non-integrated CC4 producers by our extensive ability to upgrade the value of the C4 components. Processing 30-40% of the CC4 in North America, TPC has multiple units to extract and produce butadiene at both our Houston and Port Neches operating facilities.