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By: Tt Patton  09-12-2011

It seemed a bit quiet around town this weekend.  Maybe because it’s that time of the year again.  Yes you guessed it!  It’s back to school.   So that means much more traffic with school buses and carpools. And don’t forget about the new drivers….careful!  I think they should be required to drive with a big bumper sticker that says “Don’t like my driving?  Call my mom!”

Many of you took your child to college this weekend.  Some are returning students and the weekend probably didn’t come fast enough.  But many of you took your first child, your “baby”, away to school.  I’m sure it was emotional and sad and happy and exciting all at the same time.  I stopped by my neighbors’ house to say goodbye to her son going to Indiana University.  Their entire dining room was transformed into a receiving dock!  All of this “stuff” had to fit in their suburban.  Yikes! I didn’t stay around for that part.

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