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By: Truwinnipeg  09-12-2011
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Chickens for WinnipEGGers, an advocacy group led by St. Boniface resident Darby Jones, had been seeking a reconsideration of a bylaw banning the farm animals from city property. And why not? Urban agriculture is on the rise, with more civilized Midwestern cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago permitting an unlimited number of hens so long [..]

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An example of what can be done to make living in the big city more enjoyable, a subway art program. This one is in :

More photos…

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So much stimulus talk has Winnipeg excited for infrastructure money, particularly for rapid transit—a recurring media topic since 1959, when Toronto transportation engineer Norman D. Wilson (TTC subway, Don Valley Parkway) visited Winnipeg for a traffic study culminating in a report recommending a 40 km, three-line subway.
Both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Tribune [..]

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More than a quarter century ago, Mr. Putnam, my Grade 10 urban geography teacher at Kelvin, emphasized the importance of “easy access” to city amenities.
As a trained small aircraft pilot, Mr. Putnam had taken numerous photographs of Winnipeg over several decades, and used them to illustrate how Winnipeg had and was developing.
I wish I had [..]

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The other rapid transit group, the “Coalition”, claims to have the support of 18 groups — NGOs and some BIZ groups:

Sierra Club of Winnipeg
Resource Conservation of Mantoba
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Climate Change Connection
West End BIZ
Osborne Village BIZ
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ
University of Winnipeg
Canadian Mennonite University
Planners Network Manitoba
Manitoba Audio Recording Association (mentioned 2x in their list)
Urban Shaman Contemporary [..]

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So after the groundwater is taken out of the subway tunnels, what to do with it?

Well, this afternoon I read that some of it is used to fill the fountains at Buckingham Palace Park in London England.
London Turns Rising Groundwater Into Liquid Asset
LONDON, United Kingdom, January 25, 2001 (ENS) – Engineers are finding innovative uses [..]

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The BRT lobby, which largely consists of the cycling lobby, likes to mention that a “pro” of bus rapid transit is to have a “bike path” alongside the bus freeway.
However, in cities with “real” rapid transit (BRT isn’t rapid), the passenger with a bike can roll his or her bike onto the transit vehicle itself, [..]

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Entrance to subway station (built 1995) in Bilbao, Spain (metro population 950k):

More images of subways around the world

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Back in January I crossed paths with Councillor Harvey Smith. He was very intent on having a one-to-one meeting with me about transit, saying that he could possibly “fund our group”, but that we would have to meet with him for further details.
My meeting with Coun. Smith took place last week and Harvey basically said [..]

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First of all the Plan:
Public Art Plan: 2008 Allocation
1. City Hall
The history of art work located in and around major public service institutions is a long and illustrious one. As the heart of the City’s political and public life, City Hall warrants a major art work. Housed [..]

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Keywords: Advocacy Group, Farm Animals, Transportation Engineer, Urban Agriculture

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I have been to Central Park a few times in the past 5 years, including one or two Critical Mass bicycle rides.It has the potential to be such a beautiful urban park, and decades ago the writers of the Downtown Winnipeg Plan said that its boundaries should be expanded and the park itself be.

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Most TRU Winnipeg readers have heard the news: The Exchange District’s grandest row of buildings, along the south side of McDermot Avenue between King and Princess Streets, is in the crosshairs of Manitoba Hydro, which aims to build a substation on the site where three century-old buildings now stand.

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On Canada Day I saw streetcar 596 that was created by Danny Schur as a smaller replica of streetcar 356, I was reminded by a dream I’ve had for the past 15 years that goes like this.I am walking to my regular bus stop in River Heights at Grant Ave.