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By: Truwinnipeg  09-12-2011
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The city is actually considering whether or not to tear down another 1880s building within a supposedly protected National Historic Site. The landowners, even in this real estate bubble, actually believe that there’s more revenue to be extracted from a flat gravel parking lot than this two-storey building.
C’mon, this is almost 2011—can this possibly even [..]

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I have been to Central Park a few times in the past 5 years, including one or two Critical Mass bicycle rides.
It has the potential to be such a beautiful urban park, and decades ago the writers of the Downtown Winnipeg Plan (1969) said that its boundaries should be expanded and the park itself be [..]

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Chickens for WinnipEGGers, an advocacy group led by St. Boniface resident Darby Jones, had been seeking a reconsideration of a bylaw banning the farm animals from city property. And why not? Urban agriculture is on the rise, with more civilized Midwestern cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago permitting an unlimited number of hens so long [..]

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Robert Galston, The Rise and Sprawl
[Editor's note:Where the hell is Heritage Winnipeg? Let Sport Manitoba know how you feel about their disregard for our city's history by phoning them at (204) 925-5907.]
Point Douglas is going to look great in two years…
…from my rearview mirror. I can’t wait to move out and leave the renewal to [..]

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Robert Galston, The Rise and Sprawl
Comparisons to residential schools are out of line…

…this is more like a maximum security prison.
If architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was right when he said “God is in the details,” then the conceptual drawing for Youth For Christ’s recreation centre renders a Godless box.
This is architecture formless and [..]

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Don’t try this in Chicago.
The dreaded surface lots in the background are about 70% full, so most of these were shot during weekday business hours.
The problem here is that all parking downtown is 2h restricted, forcing you into a private lot if you want to drive to work, and guaranteeing fines for overnight guests of [..]

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Robert Galston, Winnipeg Free Press
Headed south down Waterfront Drive on an unseasonably warm November afternoon, the row of new condo buildings lining the winding roadway met my eye.
Architecturally, none of these buildings are notable for anything but average attempts at cartoonish “heritage” design, but taken together, perhaps with eyes squinted a little bit, they gave [..]

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Robert Galston, Winnipeg Free Press
It’s easy to get excited about the plans Red River College has for the Union Bank tower on Main Street. Built in 1904, it is a true example the early skyscrapers, not only by virtue of its height, but by its adaptation of classical orders to a tall building. Reaching 11 [..]

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Cancelbot on has this to say about the poor station design of the BRT:

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Robert Galston, The Uniter
Of the transformations that changed the face and fabric of Winnipeg’s old neighbourhoods in the past 60 years, none have been as sudden, total and tragic as the development of the Lord Selkirk Park neighbourhood in the 1960s.

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Keywords: Advocacy Group, Farm Animals, parking lot, Real Estate, Urban Agriculture

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