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By: Truefilm  09-12-2011
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In case you haven’t noticed, there haven’t been any truefilm posts in the least couple of weeks. Busy with work and family.  But truefilm 2.0 is coming, and you all will be the first to know about it.

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The controversy surrounding the absence of Hispanic soldiers from Ken Burns’ upcoming PBS documentary The War may or may not be over. But Burns appears to have done all he’s going to do. The Associated Press reports that Burns added 28-minutes to the seven-part film.
Profiles of two Hispanics will conclude the first and sixth episodes […]

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Writing in the Scotsman (may require free registration), Paul Whitelaw says:
WHENEVER a documentary series boasts “cutting-edge computer graphics” as one of its selling points, I can’t help but suck a thoughtful tooth. Give a documentary team a brand new box of toys, and you can virtually guarantee that they won’t resist the temptation to show […]

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The NPR radio program On The Media has a story exploring how producers get people to sign releases for reality-crime shows:
Before TV programs can air images of people who have just been arrested or experienced some other embarrassing spectacle, they have to get a release from that person. Why would anyone agree to sign? Bob […]

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Jack Handey, of Deep Thoughts fame, shares his treatment for My Nature Documentary in the July 2 issue of The New Yorker. Handey begins:
Show monkey in a tree. Narrator says, “The monkey, proud and smart, in his native habitat. But one thing he does not have . . .” Show a giraffe. “. . . […]

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OK, Taggart Siegel’s film rode the festival circuit a couple years ago and was on PBS last June. But in a flip of the usual order of events, The Real Dirt on Farmer John is now getting a national theatrical release.
The film tells the life story or John Peterson, a third-generation farmer, “whose inspirational story […]

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Andrew O’Hehir says in Salon that the music documentary Gypsy Caravan is much much better than he expected:
It’s a two-hour movie, and I’m only sorry it isn’t two or three times as long. Let me read your thoughts: You’re not much interested in Gypsy music, and the historical and cultural stuff might be pretty dry. […]

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Boyd Williamson, writing at PopMatters, thinks Michael Apted’s Up documentaries “have lost their spine when confronting the class issues.”
Seven Up! was first created as a one-off documentary for World in Action, a current affairs program on British television. It was conceived as a sociological investigation into how Britain’s class system is maintained. The narrator introduces […]

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We can all now add comments to any truefilm post. So truefilm can stop being a one-way street. Check it out.
And if you find truefilm at all useful or interesting, can you do me a favor? Invite some friends to check it out and perhaps subscribe. Even in its current skeletal state, the blog takes […]

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Four years after her death, two new biographies of groundbreaking documentary filmmaker and Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl have sparked some interesting coverage.
The New York Review of Books has a good article by Ian Buruma built around reviews the two new books. Buruma begins, “That Leni Riefenstahl was rather a monster is not really in dispute. […]

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Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks quit their jobs so Josh could ride a Segway scooter from Seattle to Boston while Hunter shot and directed a documentary about the 100-day trip (Josh edited the film). The resulting doc, 10 MPH, just came out on DVD.
I don’t know if I could handle this for 90 minutes, let […]

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A review on the Fox News website calls Michael Moore’s new documentary investigating the US healthcare system, “brilliant and uplifting.”
The review, by Roger Friedman, continues

“Sicko” works because in this one there are no confrontations. Moore smartly lets very articulate average Americans tell their personal horror stories at the hands of insurance companies. The film […]

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Islam vs. Islamists, a controversial film that focuses on struggles between moderate and less-moderate Islamic groups, will be distributed to US public broadcasting stations by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).
The controversy in brief: The film was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to be part of the America At A Crossroads project, but wasn’t […]

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Les Blank, who has directed three dozen documentaries, will receive the Edward MacDowell Medal for 2007. The MacDowell Colony’s announcement says of Blank:
Regarded as one of the seminal figures in documentary filmmaking, Les Blank’s career has spanned a range of subjects that profile passionate people at the periphery of American society and the heart of […]

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According to this story in the Washington Post:
Filmmaker Ken Burns reached an agreement yesterday with two advocacy organizations that have pressured him to amend his World War II documentary to include more material about Latinos’ contribution to the American war effort.
The agreement between Burns’s production company, Florentine Films, and the two Latino groups appears crafted […]

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The US Treasury Department is reportedly investigating Michael Moore’s trip taking ailing Sept. 11 rescue workers to Cuba for medical treatment. The trip forms a segment of Sicko, his upcoming documentary that examines the health-care industry. (Sorry, I can’t find a web site for the film).
A story by the Associated Press says:
The Treasury Department’s Office […]

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The controversy about Ken Burns’ WWII doc, its lack of Hispanic viewpoints, and what people have offered/threatened to do continues. In case you haven’t been following all this, here’s a background story about the controversy from the Associated Press. And here’s a link to previous truefilm posts about all this.
While your correspondent has been traveling, […]

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Patricia Aufderheide reports that the Chubb group of insurance companies, “has now joined the group of insurers that recognize fair use claims for documentary filmmakers.” Chubb’s key requirement, as with the other insurers, is that a lawyer verifies that the filmmaker follows the Best Practices in Fair Use document distributed by the Center for Social […]

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The Oxford American just released their 2007 Southern Movie Issue. One article lists 13 more essential Southern docs. More? An article from a previous movie issue, in 2002, listed 13 essential doc about the US South.
In that 2002 issue, an editors’ note introduced the list:

Our contention is that documentaries—not the Hollywood-Comes-to-the-South extravaganzas—may be the true […]

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