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By: Truefilm  09-12-2011
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A bit more news on yesterday’s story about the PBS promise to amend the upcoming Ken Burns World War II doc to include stories about US Latino veterans.
The Associated Press has a longer story.
The Defend the Honor Campaign issued a victorious press release. And their website has a whole bunch of background material and links.
And […]

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Well I don’t know why. The documentary by Martyn Burke and ABG Films Inc. was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to be part of the first batch of films in their America At A Crossroads project. But now it isn’t. Islam vs. Islamists apparently focuses on struggles between moderate and less-moderate Islamic groups. […]

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This just in from the Associated Press:
PBS promised Wednesday to amend Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary series on World War II to include stories about Latino veterans after activists complained he ignored their contributions to the American effort.
Burns has also agreed to hire a Latino producer to help create the additional content, PBS said.
The Burns doc, […]

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Last Friday saw the debut of The Hoax, a film about the notorious “Authorized Autobiography of Howard Hughes” that Clifford Irving wrote without any authorization or any input from Hughes. You can watch the trailer for The Hoax, but that’s not a documentary.
Instead, you could watch a teaser on YouTube for the 1974 Orson Welles […]

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According to this story at, the website for the San Francisco Chronicle:
Josh Wolf, a blogger and freelance journalist who has spent 7 1/2 months in federal prison for defying a grand jury subpoena related to his coverage of an anarchist protest, turned over video footage to prosecutors today and will be released shortly, lawyers […]

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For those who feel their doc career isn’t moving as fast as they’d like, draw inspiration from Ruth Yorkin Dazen.
Ruth Yorkin Drazen was 69 when her husband Jerome died of prostate cancer. She thought she’d be terrified when he died, only to experience an entirely different emotion.
“It was his having a way out to peace,” […]

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Finally, a film about a political campaign where viewers will want to root for several candidates (I think). Vanessa Roth’s and Alexandra Gray’s film The Third Monday In October covers the Fall 2004 election…at four middle schools in the United States.
The film follows a dozen 12-year-old candidates at schools in Marin County (near San Francisco), […]

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From a Boston Globe article about the film, Into Great Silence:
NEW YORK — When German filmmaker Philip Gröning was invited by the nearly 1,000-year-old Carthusian order of monks to become the first outsider allowed to film inside the Grand Chartreuse, one of the world’s most ascetic monasteries, nestled deep in the French Alps, he sought […]

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Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s upcoming seven-part series on World War II, The War, “tells the story of the Second World War through the personal accounts of nearly 50 men and women from four quintessentially American towns.”
In this film, everyone on camera was directly affected by the war, either on the battlefield or at home. […]

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Newsday critic Andy Edelstein describes Lawrence Welk’s TV Treasures, the upcoming PBS doc on accordion-wielding bandleader, as, “‘Behind the Music’ - minus the sex, scandal and drugs.”
The Oklahoma Network, Welk’s home during his public TV years, issued a press release, posted a Making Of article (You think you have media management issues: “With over one […]

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Brief background: Josh Wolf videotaped a 2005 protest in San Francisco. He sold some of the video to a local television station and posted some on the Web. Some other television stations copied and broadcast his Web video. A policeman was injured and a police car was damaged during the protest. Wolf refused to comply […]

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Sometimes a trailer is so good, I don’t want to see the whole film for fear that it won’t live up to the three-minute tease. The trailer for Air Guitar Nation is great, but I’ll still go see the film (in spite of the film’s use of the increasingly-common shtick of hanging the narrative on […]

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In case you somehow missed the media blitz, the indiosyncratic mostly non-fiction weekly radio show This American Life is coming to cable television. Like the radio show, each tv program is hosted by Ira Glass, and contains segments loosely connected by a theme such as Babysitting, Houses of Ill Repute, or Apology.
So how did Glass […]

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That’s what John Biaggi, Deputy Director of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival thinks. “With so many human rights films being made, what I see is a lot of poorly produced and/or poorly conceived films. The actual percentage of each year’s films that are really good has not moved up at all. In fact, […]

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It depends who you ask. Heck, it depends which Iraq in Fragments principal you ask. Before introducing the feature documentary nominees at last week’s Oscar, comedian Jerry Seinfeld spent most of his time talking about garbage in movie theaters, and then said all the doc nominees were “incredibly depressing.” (The only post of Seinfeld’s routine […]

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US Representatives Rick Boucher and John Doolittle want to amend the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) “to protect the fair use rights of users of copyrighted material.” So they introduced the “Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act).”
A press release from Boucher’s office suggests the new bill differs from two […]

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John Anderson, writing in the New York Times, says some people like Michael Moore, some despise him. We already knew that. He continues, “The Toronto-based documentary filmmakers Rick Caine and Debbie Melnyk started out in the first camp. But during the course of making an unauthorized film about Mr. Moore they wound up somewhere in […]

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Time magazine’s Carolina A. Miranda interviews D.A. Pennebaker “about the Dylan conversation he wished he could have filmed and how the movie almost didn’t get released.” Prurient tease: Porn theaters played a big role in breaking out two of his films.
The article’s last question and answer:
Q: What are your home movies like?
A: I think of […]

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Yesterday the Stanford Law School Fair Use Project, insurance company Media/Professional, and attorney Michael Donaldson announced a program that will aid filmmakers who want to use copyrighted material in their films under the currently-hazy (and usually uninsurable) concept of fair-use. Briefly, the idea behind fair-use is that copyrighted material can be used without compensation to […]

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Andrew O’Hehir discusses the Oscar-nominated documentary and foreign-language films, and interviews some of the directors, in this article in Salon. O’Hehir also links to his article last year where he discusses the categories’ “checkered, semi-glorious history.” The current article gives a synopsis of each nominated film, and he speaks with Amy Berg (Deliver Us From […]

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