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By: Triple K Irrigation  09-12-2011
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Introducing "The Irri-Gator" Drip Irrigation Kits!!

Triple K Irrigation is now offering a fantastic solution "for the professional gardener". We are excited to introduce our Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation Kits which are available in 4 different sizes.

The Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation system utilizes drip tubing that has been used successfully for years in commercial agriculture worldwide. Its ability to provide the uniform delivery of water and nutrients to a plant's root zone is unsurpassed.

The Irri-Gator's drip irrigation technology saves up to 75% of the water normally used with sprinkler systems. Its uniform distribution reduces water consumption compared to "soaker hoses" by over 20%. There's less evaporation, no water and chemical runoff, less energy usage and precise placement of water directly to the plant's root structure.

This efficient use of our most valuable natural resource will continue to provide great benefits to our environment.

The commercial use of drip irrigation has been tried and proven by people who depend on its results for their livelihood. You can count on the results of the Irri-Gator system, which has been Designed For Your Gardens!


The Irri-Gator system is comprised of a bulk roll of drip tubing with pre-installed drip orifices, poly distribution tubing to be used has the system header, as well as the appropriate fittings based upon the size of the kit. Gator-100, Gator-250, Gator-1000 and Gator-2000 kits are now available.

Keywords: Drip Irrigation, Drip Irrigation Kits, Drip Tubing, Irrigation System,

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