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By: Trinkies  09-12-2011

1. Visit London! I don’t know why but ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to go there.

2. Stay at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Co.  Growing up my parents worked there and it was like my own personal play ground (yes, I ran around a five star hotel like I owned the place)  I’ve never actually stayed there though.

3. Go skydiving!

4. Ride along in a Jet with The Blue Angels.

5.  Take car racing lessons at the Texas Motor Speedway.  I’d also like to learn how to drift.

6. Buy a Big ol’ RV so that the hubby and I can take the kids on a super tour like to the East Coast and see them learn the history of our great country.

7. Spend a Christmas in Vail with my whole family.

8. Be able to see all my children graduate from college.  I started but didn’t finish and it’s always pleasing when your kids reach higher than you did!

9.  Buy my dream car, a 1965 Mustang.

10.  Have a maid.  Yup, I hate house work and I would be creating a job for someone and my kids would insure her or him job security. 

11.  Go snow skiing!  I lived in Colorado many years and never went.

12.  Be able to keep a diary.  Yes, a “just do it” thing but I’ve tried and haven’t been very good at it.  I would like to do one that I could leave to my kids.

13. Buy a home on land with a “party barn”  so that when all six of my children are grown, I can have them, their spouses and my grandchildren over to have great times.  Barn would be complete with stage, dance floor, lots of tables and a commercial kitchen.

14.  Like to become a financially successful writer so that I could easily afford the above mentioned things.

15.  Help needy families without them ever knowing it was me.  You know like just walk in the water department and pay the bill for a year anonymously.

I wrote this for a contest but decided to leave it on so I could come back every now and then and see if I get to accomplish any of this stuff. 

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The way in which it was said created a dilemma because, I don’t want my baby girl to wear makeup but at the same time I realize it’s important for her to feel part of the squad. Despite the fact that I was looking for the clown car to arrive any moment to pick up the girls, they did an excellent job cheering. I ended up letting her wear some very light pink lip gloss and some glitter powder, both very subtle but enough that she was happy.


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On top of my own problems, then I have all these children and them wanting me, the woman they laugh at when their dad moves my coffee cup on purpose just so they can watch me wander around looking for it, to remember things. On the plus side, there is one thing I do know the location of, and that is the file containing my children’s birth certificates and immunization records.


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