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By: Trident Automation  09-12-2011
Keywords: control system, Operator Interface

Trident Automation is continuously trying to develop new products that add to your productivity, as well as make work easier for you and your operations. The following Products are current projects we are offering and continuously improving. Some products we currently offer are:


Siemens’ APACS OS incorporates a modular design for use in any area of a plant. APACS OS can perform the functions of distributed control and/or programmable logic control for both continuous and batch control. The APACS system’s hardware and software interface with real time process inputs to provide regulated outputs to process controls. The completed control system consists of three major components:

1) The Human Machine Interface (HMI).
2) The APACS system consists of one or more control and I/O modules. All modules are microprocessor based.
3) Field instruments wired to the I/O modules provide the inputs and outputs to the APACS system.

InVision HMI

Trident Automation is dedicated to helping you get the most value out of your control system investment. We have won national awards with our operator interface technology and InVision HMI is another step in enhancing the life cycle of your control system. InVision HMI is based on the latest version of Wonderware software operator that integrates seamlessly with your control system hardware and configuration.

The life cycle of control system hardware is much slower than PC technology. However expensive control system replacements are often required not because the control hardware is failing, but because the computers it uses for the operator interface are no longer available. InVision HMI allows the use of late model PCs in conjunction with existing DCS hardware. And because its 100% Wonderware, its open and supportable by 100’s of different engineering firms.

InSight HMI

- Upgrade your APACS® HMI with one-fourth of the effort, and one-half of the cost of other options.
- InSight HMI™is built on 100% Wonderware, providing trouble-free upgrades and support, plus it runs on current and future Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
- The process graphics conversion is straightforward, and more importantly, simple.
- InSight HMI™ fully supports NAD (Network Application Development) for trouble-free client and server updates.

Your new HMI communicates seamlessly to ProcessSuite® or InSight HMI™ tag-servers. This lets you convert an individual client, providing time to the operations team for system familiarization. You can connect the InSight HMI™ client and historian to your existing unmodified ProcessSuite® HMI system. You control the HMI migration on your schedule and you can convert clients and servers without process interruptions.

KPI Module

This KPI System lets you define your Key Performance Indicators, automatically collect and summarize their values, and present them in timely, professionally written reports, graphs, and dashboards. You decide which measurements are most important and how this information should be presented. And by entering costs and prices, you know how profitable your plant was on any given day. Trident Automation has developed the KPI Module to help you measure the success of your company.

Lab Data Module

The Lab Data Module is a full suite of data collection and data analyzing tools. It’s abilities include recording HPLC data and displays it in easy to read graphs and charts. It is also useful for analyzing other parts of the Fermentation process. Another great feature to the module is the ability to expand the suite to record and analyze data in other areas. You can now use the Lab Module for entering and keeping track of more data other than just your batches.  New functionality allows for custom forms to be added for entering data based on any other of your site’s forms.  D & E, Cook data, and Batch Ingredients are just a few ideas of forms, as any form can be added and customized to fit your needs.

The Lab Module now has multi-browser support! It supports IE6, IE7, IE8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, and Google Chrome.


Reporting can be an important part of keeping your plant efficient.  Trident Automation has developed your most crucial reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  SSRS retrieves data from the Historian on the fly, allowing you to get the most current and accurate data. Another great feature to this is the ability to link one report to other reports by branching off data, such as analyzing one tag for the last 30 days. SSRS is more reliable and more robust than your usual reports. SSRS also has the ability to deliver these reports though e-mail, file share, and printer delivery.

Information Server

The Wonderware Information Server is a great tool that allows you to view your plant’s data on an intranet over all of your different networks. The Information Server includes the ActiveFactory Trend and Query tools, so anyone who has access to the Information Server can view the plant’s live and historical data. Another feature of the Information Server is the ability to create process graphics which are web compatible so anyone accessing the web page can watch updating process graphics with live data being displayed. Other abilities include creating different reports that are accessed through this portal, which can show summaries, averages, or other functions of tags in your Historian.

Sieve Pac

Trident Automation has had requests by numerous ethanol plants to enhance the operation of the molecular sieves. While the basic sieve automation provided with most ethanol plants can run a standard 2 or 3 bottle sequence, making changes to the sequence to meet varying operating requirements can be a challenge.

In an effort to improve this process, Trident Automation has created a set of enhanced function blocks to operate your sieves. This new code can reduce the impact of cycling on the sieve beads, allow flexible sequencing, allow a straight forward way of adjusting sequence times and coordinate sequences between multiple sets of bottles. This code has evolved and solidified using Trident’s experience in dozens of ethanol plants and feedback from plant operations.

Keywords: control system, Operator Interface

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