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By: Trencon Safety  09-12-2011
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Trencon Safety offers the highest quality safety services to assist our valued clients in reducing human suffering and financial cost associated with workplace incidents/accidents.

A Health and Safety Management System that has been tailored to meet the needs of its company is an invaluable asset to all businesses.

The primary objective of an effective Health and Safety Management System is to ensure the well being of all workers by reducing losses caused by workplace injuries.

To achieve this goal, it is imperative to work with management, supervision and employees in the development of a Health and Safety Management System that is best suited for your company.

The advantages of a Health and Safety Management System are wide-spread, and will affect many areas of your business.

  • • Increased morale in employees based on knowledge that the health and safety of your employees comes first in every task performed.
  • • Fewer workplace injuries because of effective job procedures and safe work practices
  • • Ability to achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • • Ability to participate in Partners in Injury Reduction Program (PIR)
  • • Worker’s Compensation Board premium incentives based on participation in COR and PIR programs
  • • Lowered overall claim-cost ratios
  • • Increased marketability toward clients that recognize the importance of health and safety in the workplace

The demands and expectations required to meet Occupational Health and Safety as well as site-specific requirements can often seem overwhelming. TrenCon Safety is dedicated to creating and mentoring a workplace climate that promotes and fosters health and safety through awareness and education of all employees. We will work with you and your employees toward the development, implementation and maintenance of a Health and Safety Management Program that is best suited to your needs.

A Trencon Safety Representative is available to meet with your company representative to answer any questions you may have regarding your Health and Safety needs. Trencon Safety looks forward to helping your company develop a Health and Safety Management Program that will maximize the benefits to your company.

A Trencon Safety audit assists companies in achieving the full benefits that a comprehensive health and safety program can provide.

These audits are performed by a qualified auditor and can be industry specific. Trencon Safety audits cover the basic elements of a health and safety system and include interviewing (both workers and management), reviews of all safety related documentation and on site observations.

Please contact Trencon Safety to schedule your audit and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Project Safety Services (IRSP or CSO Certified)

• Plant Turnarounds • Facility Construction • Pipeline

• Provide Project Senior and Field Personnel (IRSP & CSO Certified)

• Provide complete Safety Services on the project.

• Develop and facilitate the project orientations.

• ERP (Emergency Response Plan) Development

• Monitor subcontractor HS&E programs ensuring compliance is being promoted and met.

• Onsite training provided.

• Mobile Medical Emergency Vehicles available.

Keywords: health and safety, Health And Safety Program, Safety Audit, Safety Management, Safety Program