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By: Traulsen  09-12-2011

Where quality runs deep.

For a smaller table that’s big on quality, look to Traulsen. Our compact prep tables are built to deliver outsized performance, giving you 50% more safe product storage space. That’s because Traulsen Compact Prep Tables can accommodate 6"-deep pans and still meet NSF 7 standards for performance, holding food safely for up to four hours—a Traulsen exclusive.

It’s all in the flow. Our specially engineered forced-air design circulates a consistently cool blanket of air around prep-table pans, extending over the food surface and down the entire length of the cabinet. The constant cool temperature means your food remains consistently fresh, whether your pan is filled to the top with lettuce or you’re reaching for that last slice of cheese at the bottom.

Choose what works for you. Featuring a raised cover, our UPT Series of compact prep tables keeps rail pans at an angle, and the UST Series comes with horizontal pans and a lift-up cover that can be easily closed to save energy when you’re less busy.

Whatever your working style, Traulsen Compact Prep Tables are designed to fit right in your kitchen environment. And with a front-breathing design, your compact table can be installed just about anywhere, whether that’s next to a wall or alongside other pieces of equipment.

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Commercial Food Prep Tables | Traulsen - Prep Tables

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