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By: Traulsen  09-12-2011
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No one else makes it easier for you to store and serve safe, delicious food.

Better chill performance means less spoilage.

Now every kitchen can enjoy the benefits of cook chill.

Cook chill is a popular method of food preparation in kitchens of all sizes and types. This method lets your kitchen staff prepare foods ahead of time, then blast chill them for storage and later rethermalization. The most important component of the Cook Chill method is a good quality blast chiller that allows rapid chilling for safe storage of the foods you’ve prepared. The unique properties of Traulsen Blast Chillers not only keep your food safe, but they also keep your foods looking and tasting fresh and delicious for days. 

All blast chillers are not created equal.

At Traulsen, we offer quality construction and features you can’t get anywhere else.

Solid Construction. Blast chillers from Traulsen are constructed with no flare joints. Instead, only soldered joints connect the refrigeration components, eliminating leak problems with new refrigerants. Our heavy-duty construction is guaranteed to last many years in your demanding environment.
Our doors have a 10-year warranty against warping. The stamped metal will not crack or break and incorporates no plastic liners. Finally, our one-piece sides and lack of exterior fasteners prevent soil buildup and improve overall cabinet strength, making sure it stands up to years of heavy use.

Automatic alerts. Traulsen Blast Chillers give you audio and visual alerts that let you know about little problems before they become big ones. So if you need to clean the condenser, or the temperature drifts too high, or low, you’ll know immediately and be able to act in time. And since the printers are such an integral part of HACCP compliance, there’s even a printer failure warning.

Rigorous testing. All units undergo a rigorous computer-assisted, quality assured analysis that integrates a variety of testing protocols from leak detection and performance evaluation to charging and system performance. This process assures the highest level of product reliability.

Environmentally friendly. Like all Traulsen products, our blast chillers are supplied with environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerants and CFC-free foam insulation. 

Designed to be simple from EZ-Start to finish.

When you’re stirring and mixing, that’s no time to be poring over thick instruction manuals. So we’ve put a lot of thought into the design of our blast chillers to make them easy to learn and simple to operate. We’ve also put other things into them, like a variety of convenient features that can enhance your productivity each and every day. EZ-Start makes it possible to start a batch with the push of a single button. So you get trusted reliability with a whole lot less effort.

Our unique SmartChill® microprocessor control automatically monitors your food and equipment, while documenting for HACCP compliance.

Three chill methods. SmartChill lets you choose from three chill methods:

  • Chill by Temperature uses food probes to chill food as quickly as possible.
  • Chill by Product lets you preprogram the chill mode, chill method and temperature endpoint for dozens of food products.
  • Chill by Time is ideal for foods you wouldn’t want to damage with probes, such as cakes and pies. Meanwhile, the EZ-Start feature that requires only one button to start a batch.

Three chill modes. SmartChill also gives you three distinct chilling modes:

  • Blast Chill will chill any food product down to 40°F as rapidly as possible.
  • Soft Chill is ideal for chilling delicate, low-density foods such as green salads or produce without freezing them.
  • Freeze Chill will freeze any food product down to 0°F as rapidly as possible.

Communication is built right in. Only Traulsen Blast Chillers include two on-board printers standard, both reporting your food’s progress through the Danger Zone (135°F-41°F) and automatically creating HACCP-compliant documentation. The second printer creates adhesive labels for your products’ containers, providing clear chill data for your staff and the health inspector.

But it takes more than that to be HACCP compliant—you also have to know which employee handled the product each step of the way. Fortunately, Traulsen’s exclusive SmartChill control lets you assign individual operator ID numbers for later identification.

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