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"Training is the backbone of the safety & health management system"
Employers Responsibilities

As an employer you have a responsibility to protect your workers. This is not only the law but it is the right thing to do. A worker must be aware of hazards as well as changes to laws and regulations. As the employer, you must implement solutions to prevent these hazards or provide adequate training to prevent or reduce the risk of injury.In today's rocky economy it is a challenge in both large and small organizations to devote human resources to prevent health and safety from becoming a workplace problem.By making an appointment to speak with someone from Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions an Action Plan can be put together to meet your legal requirements and your budget.

Organization's Benefit of Contracting Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions

1. Employers will not have a commitment to a full-time safety professional.
2. Employers will have limited investment in expensive compliance and reference materials.
3. You will see an improved level of safety awareness among your workforce.
4. Industry specific safety updates and regulations will be easily available.
5. Certification and recertification training will be monitored and provided
At Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions we want to help you.Let Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions direct you in a proactive manner to avoid health and safety problems.Should you encounter any health and safety problems, let Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions analyze and implement the most efficient solution to your problem.

Services Offered That Will Provide Solutions

Action Plan After a complete review of driver files (collision reports, moving violations, pre trip inspection reports, driver logs, etc) maintenance records, an action plan will be put together with training schedules and implementation time lines.
Collision Investigation It is unfortunate that collisions do occur. It is important to know and understand why a collision did occur no matter how minor these collisions may be. TS&CS can take care of this for you. On scene investigation, for a more serious collision contact proper authorities and handle statements and written reports. TS&CS can set up a collision reporting procedure and protocol to meet your needs and the requests of your fleet insurance carrier.
Collision Review Today many large and small fleets are being proactive and hosting Collision Review Committee's. When properly implemented these are excellent training tools.
Driver Pre-Employment Qualifications This covers a full in-cab evaluation as described above. This can also include the collection of any required documentation for a compliance file.
Driver Recruiting Our Transportation Safety & Compliance Specialist has over 14 years of experience hiring and recruiting drivers. It is an expensive venture to get the right driver into your trucks and keep them there. Let TS&CS help you out.
Defensive Driving for the Professional Commercial Driver Even the professional driver has to upgrade their skills. Group meetings held to suit your operational needs and demands are available.
Defensive Driving for the Non Commercial Driver Today there are a huge number of people that spend a part or all of the day driving non-commercial vehicles to earn a living. In many cases, these people have never experienced any type of driver training and when hired no one checked to see that they have a valid driver's license. Whether these people are sales, service or just running an errand in a company vehicle they are a risk to your organization. By involving them in a defensive driving course you are reducing the risk of these people being involved in a collision.
Defensive Driving of private vehicles These are sessions that can be provided at a company (lunch & learn session), community center, or at a service club function. If you are a new driver, an experienced driver or just having problems with collisions or minor fender benders this may be of interest for you for your own peace of mind and your safety.
Hours of Service New drivers or experienced drivers require knowledge of the HOS regulations for Canada or the U.S. This could be part of orientation or corrective actions following the discovery of an Hours of Service Violation.
In Cab Evaluations
  • Pre employment
  • Post collision
  • Skills upgrading
This is the best opportunity for any fleet operator to prove that the people operating your fleet are competent drivers; The evaluation includes vehicle pre-trip inspection. Written knowledge verification and a road test including, city and highway operations. In addition evaluations of railway crossings, 4-way stops and the double left turns can be executed. Where available traffic circles are part of the evaluation. TS&CS will provide you with a 3 page written report for each driver including any recommendations.
Lift Truck Operator Training Course TS&CS presents the THSAO lift truck operator program using an associate instructor. This is an excellent program teaching regulation and responsibilities hazard recognition, safe operation of a lift truck completed with a participant's knowledge verification for your training records. Upon your request practical examinations of lift truck operation can be arranged.
Policy Implementation In today's world it is important and a required part of any successful business to have policies and procedures. Let TS&CS share year's knowledge and experiences with your company.
Pre-Trip Inspections All drivers must know how to complete a proper vehicle daily inspection. This can be delivered in a group classroom setting or one-on-one.
Road Observations It is impossible for a company to know exactly what your drivers are doing every minute of the day or night. If you have hired the proper people you may not require this service. However, sometimes we just need a little piece of mind to know that as a carrier we have hired responsible people and can prove that we have responsible people operating our equipment.
Safety Meetings You pick the subject for the next drivers meeting. Alternatively, let us look over your files and records and determine where your needs might be.
Safe Lifting Without know the proper lifting techniques it is inevitable that a worker will in time get injured. These injuries and the WSIB claims that will result are preventable and avoidable. Let TS&CS training your workers on safe lifting and other material handling.
Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (W.H.M.I.S) All workers are required to be trained in W.H.M.I.S.
Workplace Inspections You cannot have a safe workplace without conducting inspections. Sometimes it is better to contract a 3rd party to do your inspections.
W.S.I.B. Reporting and Claims Management Claims or not as an employer you pay a WSIB premium. Through proper management of claims you may be entitled to a rebate. Let TS&CS help you with all your WSIB needs and requirements.
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