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By: Trafcom  09-12-2011
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If you’d like to enhance your communications with social media and multimedia (audio and video), we can help you create compelling content for employee communications, training, PR, marketing, fundraising and more.

Consulting: To help you plan, create and launch your project, whether it’s a monthly podcast, a social media campaign, or a series of YouTube videos. We know the value of storytelling, and we’ll work with you to understand the entirety of your project and its mission as well as your indicators of success.

Production: If you need more support, we can professionally record, edit and publish your audio or video for you. We can also provide content for your social media sites.

Donna Papacosta is an engaging and popular speaker at local and international conferences, earning higher-than-average scores from audiences. In her speeches, seminars and Webinars, she covers many topics, from effective written communications to trends in social media.

.All of our sessions are offered as in-person presentations or workshops or as online Webinars. Tell us what you need and we’ll design a session just for you. Here are a few examples:

Podcasting 101 for communicators and marketers
Explains what podcasting is all about; how organizations are using podcasts for internal and external communications; how to create a podcast using free and low-cost equipment and software; how to sell the idea to management.

How to podcast to enhance internal and external communications
This is a more in-depth session that gets into the nitty gritty of what it takes to podcast – both in expertise and equipment.

I have a Twitter account but I don't know what to do with it!
This lively session explains the value of using this micro-blogging service as a marketing and learning tool. Twitter is not about what you had for lunch!

How to establish yourself as an expert in your field using social media
Today, having a Web site is not enough. To differentiate yourself, you need to be aware of social media channels (blogs, podcasts, Twitter and more) that can help you surge ahead of your competition and carve a profitable niche.

  • how organizations are using podcasts for internal and external communications
  • how to create a podcast using free and low-cost equipment and software
  • how to sell the concept of podcasting to management

Whether you need an article, newsletter, script, brochure, Web copy or more, Trafalgar Communications can help. We promise two things: We’ll always be easy to work with and we’ll always make you look good. First, we’ll discuss your project so that we can fully determine your needs, audience, goals, timelines and budget. Then we’ll give you a firm estimate. As your project progresses, we’ll manage it carefully and keep you informed with regular updates.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of projects we can produce for you: articles, brochures, case studies, marketing materials, newsletters, podcasts, sales letters, scripts, videos and Web content.


We offer individual coaching on the above topics.

Keywords: audio, Communications, Marketing, Podcast, Video