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By: Total Systems Inc  09-12-2011
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Total Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of consulting services for all products and services supported. This high level of service begins with the sales and selection process and continues to the full realization of your system implementation.

TSI's sales consultants are experienced industry professionals who accurately assess the situation of a client to help design the best possible system to help your business thrive. In addition to their own experience, they have on call a range of expertise within our industry and other professional contacts of consultants and experts.

Our software and systems consultants have backgrounds in business, accounting and software systems. They provide a wealth of experience when implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one.

And our software designers and programmers are the best in the business. They provide services from simple appearance and behavior modifications to complex multi-module system redesign and modification.


The selection of the right implementation team is just as important as the selection of the software. Today (and tomorrow increasingly) the sales automation, contact management or customer relationship management software must not only integrate well with the operating system but with other applications and peripheral devices. The most effective consulting firm must not only be fully adept with the enterprise application but the client environment as a whole


TSI is in a unique position to evaluate the current and desired processes of your firm, translate those into system requirements and then offer a custom solution using one of the strongest enterprise applications available on the market.  Why unique?  Our knowledge-base spans more than several hundred implementations ranging from one or two to over several hundred users in a local, state, regional, national and international deployment.  Compound that experience with a deep knowledge of the industry's leading "CRM" software for small to medium-sized businesses, and our commitment to the customer, and you'll find that TSI is unparalleled in its ability to deliver a solid solution.  We use a structured approach to both the analysis of a firm's requirements and the implementation of the solution.  This structure reduces the possibility something or someone was left out of the solution.  In addition, the consultants involved with the analysis and selection process are the Project Managers for the implementation process.


With the client's active involvement, Total Systems designs an implementation strategy given your resources and time frame.  We seriously consider the change implications in your business during the role-out, implementation and setup time.  TSI also has Front Office (CRM), Internet Specialists, Programming, and IS (hardware) specialists available to assist in the implementation process that will run on your platform. We provide the total solution so you don't have to manage the integration of competing interests.



The implementation and support team at TSI has no rival. Our consultants have an average of 10+ years experience with their respective applications. Nearly10% of our consultants' time is spent in continuing education in both the CRM software itself and in the supporting technology. We not only fully plan and execute the enterprise solution, but we will provide guidance in related technologies. Learn more about our general consulting services.

In support of the software we implement, we provide both on-site and classroom training. Our approach to implementation is as structured as our approach to systems analyses.  Because of this, our clients have experienced a well-managed system conversion.  Our planned quarterly follow-up calls ensure that the client is getting a return on its investment, and taking advantage of any new technologies.

Our post-implementation technical support group is equally experienced and educated.  Calls are returned quickly, and if necessary, the issue is resolved over the telephone or via the Internet.

Keywords: Crm