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By: Toronto Fence Repair  09-12-2011
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* Loss of privacy

* No security

* Safety Concerns

* Potential damage to persons or property

Fence Panel Replacement:

If your fence posts are still in pretty good shape, but the panels have come off; they can either be re-attached or rebuilt.

Fence Post Replacement:

Often the posts, due to their constant contact with the ground, are the first things on a fence to give way. In this case, we can replace the old posts with new ones that will serve you well for years to come. Usually the old fence panels can be re-attached for a cost effective solution.

Complete Fence Removal and Replacement:

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and tear down the old fence and replace the whole thing. We can replace the old fence with a new one for you. Being fence repair specialists we see the errors that other fence builders make every day. We see the areas where fences break the most, so you can be assured that the new fence we build for you will be strong where it needs to be.

If you don’t have a fence at all, then get it done right the first time and give us a call.

Call for one of our fencing experts to come and inspect your fence and give you a free estimate and consultation on the best course of action.

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Keywords: fence, Fence Repair, Security