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By: Tori Hartman  09-12-2011

My Spiritual Reading with Tori was incredible. I felt safe and cared for and was amazed by how profoundly my life shifted in an hour. I am truly grateful for her extraordinary gift.

- Julie C

Tori has been my spiritual counselor for the past 12 years. On the rare occasion that I see another type of reader, I'm usually left disappointed and with unanswered questions or doubts. I always think to my self "Tori is so accurate and complete, why didn't I go see her?!" Over the years, I have learned my lesson. I now see Tori when I need insights or feel stuck. She always manages to hone in on the exact issue and present it to me in a way that allows me to easily address it. I have gained a tremendous benefit over the years from working with her.

-Therese W. L.Ac., Ph. D.

Tori's readings have given me unique insight and new perspective on situations I thought I already knew well. She puts a clever spin on her readings that not only enlighten the person being read, but she uses phrasing that makes it entertaining as well as eloquent. She definitely has a gift and I would encourage others to enjoy it.

- Elizabeth R. Los Angeles, CA

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