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By: Topas Advanced Polymers  09-12-2011

An exceptional family of plastic materials, TOPAS COC resins are amorphous, transparent copolymers based on cyclic olefins and ethylene. They are a new class of polymer with a wide range of unique properties:

High &                   Good High rigidity & strength                                            to acids, alkalis, polar organics
Outstanding r                               Excellent properties
up to 170°C                        Low Exceptional & biocompatibility                   Low moisture absorption

Applications for TOPAS polymers include:


Product grades

There are specific TOPAS resins for key polymer processing methods:

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Products Overview

TOPAS Advanced Polymers produces innovative materials used in a wide range of applications in many major markets including the automotive, appliance, medical, and information technology, communications and consumer and industrial sectors. TOPAS COC offers high transparency, outstanding moisture barrier, high rigidity and strength, excellent biocompatibility and good electrical insulation properties.


Norbornene – No longer a rare chemical

As the largest capacity supplier of this useful intermediate chemical, TOPAS Advanced Polymers Oberhausen plant has an annual capacity of about 21,000 tons/year of high purity norbornene, assuring availability of a consistent quality supply at acceptable conditions.