By: Todsky  09-12-2011
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The Amazing Todsky is available to entertain at your:

Business Convention / Promotion
Holiday Party
Special Event
Birthday Party
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
and when you're just plain bored.

The Amazing Todsky entertains cHiLdreN and ADULTS , in English or FranÇais, with S t a g e or close-up magic. The Great One also offers Magic Lessons for groups and individuals.


In The Amazing Todsky's Magic Show, you, dear reader, will bear witness to objects that vanish, reappear, transform, transpose, penetrate and levitate. You will also take part in a rather impossible mind-reading experiment, and in several other delightful unexplainables, all mixed together in a magicalicious soup of mystical narration that not only borders on the absurd but occasionally crosses over into the sublime. Have the experience. . .


Todsky's magic show for elementary school-age children incorporates humour and education into a mystical and zany presentation, involving elaborate magical effects and theatrical participation from chosen audience assistants. The educational theme touches on environmental and philosophical issues. Some of the routines include: Mind Reading Experiment, Linking Rings, and an audience volunteer Mid-Air Suspension, as well as some unusual vanishes and transformations.


Todsky's preschool show is a very funny, interactive presentation that brings the children into a world of magical wonder and slapstick comedy. The children are given the opportunity throughout the show to participate in the tricks themselves, from waving a magic wand that falls apart, to putting on a magic changing hat, reciting magical gibberish poetry, and acting out small theatrical bits. Some of the effects include: A Magic Colouring Book, Vanishing Clowns, Bunny (fake) From Pan of Fire, Magic Hats, and a giant Vanishing Dice.


The Amazing Todsky has a very popular Birthday Party show, suitable for children 3-12 years old. The birthday child can be the star of the magic show if they wish. After the magic show, Todsky can make Balloon Sculptures or teach Magic Lessons, depending on the age of the group. At the end, the birthday boy or girl gets a magical gift.

(see Goat Magic)

Keywords: birthday parties, birthday party