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By: To We Relationship Coaching  09-12-2011
Keywords: Divorce

Whether a couple is contemplating separation, already separated or have made the decision to divorce, I facilitate them to move from pain to peace in order to achieve amicable compromises and resolutions.  This is accomplished by helping them individually and/or together to manage conflicts within themselves and the other in order to have effective communication, and peaceful co-parenting.

I & WE Coaching is a unique, innovative and powerfully effective approach for people facing the many stresses and challenges of separation/divorce.

Our goal is to create a new relationship with healthy boundaries so each can begin the process of accepting, forgiving and healing which will enable you to be emotionally healthy and happy and to be able to move forward.

  • Married couples in conflict, faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to separate.
  • Separated couples, who are moving towards divorce and wish to either mediate or divorce cooperatively, without the added stress and expense of nasty legal battles.
  • High conflict divorcing couples, who have already filed for divorce and initiated legal proceedings.  These individuals often require guidance in managing intense negative emotions and designing a structure to arrive at a workable plan for the future.
  • Divorced individuals, struggling to re-organize and adjust during the post-divorce period.  These people learn how to construct emotional boundaries when interacting with their ex and coping with the emotional aftermath following a divorce.  They are often faced with dating, re-marriage and blended family challenges as well as supporting their children and moving forward with life.
  • There is a famous tale of a woman who lifted an entire car to rescue her child trapped underneath- this is the power of a parent’s love for a child.  Would you step in front of a bullet for your child or sell your most valuable possessions if it meant saving your child’s life?  Most parents would answer an emphatic yes to these questions.

    Many couples involved in divorce are unintentionally wounding their children emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  As a father to a teenage son, I speak from experience when I say that a peaceful divorce, characterized by a climate of equanimity, cooperation and dignity, is well worth the added effort and occasional tongue biting required.  My son has reaped the benefits of parents who shared a friendly and amicable relationship through the years, with shared holidays and special occasions like birthdays and graduations.  He was never torn apart or placed in the middle of intense conflict by angry parents embroiled in a bitter war, like so many children in today’s litigious world must endure.

    Don’t all children deserve to grow and prosper in a peaceful family environment, even in cases of separation and divorce?  After all, a family never ceases to be a family- the structure and configuration might change as a result of divorce, but these are merely external variables.  Emotionally and spiritually at least, the family lives on forever- especially in the hearts and minds of children.

    There is no cookie cutter approach; every situation is different and each individual/couple face their own unique set of challenges.  My coaching process is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual/couple on a case by case basis and there is no time limit to the coaching process.  Our coaching relationship reaches a natural resolution when individuals feel safe and empowered in a new climate of collaboration and mutual respect.

    As a coach, I am devoted to preserving the integrity and well being of the entire family.  It is not my role to make custody determinations, evaluate for parental fitness or testify in court.  In order to act on behalf of the best interests of the entire family, it is imperative that I remain neutral and not be placed in situations where I am forced to take sides.  Finally, I am a coach and not a mental health professional.  Therefore, in situations where a psychological evaluation, diagnosis or treatment is indicated, I will consult with a qualified mental health professional and facilitate an appropriate referral.

    Keywords: Divorce

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