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By: Tma Systems  09-12-2011
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TMAultra represents a suite of technologically advanced Maintenance Management Software Solutions for organizations that want to effectively manage their assets and maintenance operations. These leading-edge solutions are a key tool for managers who recognize that practicing effective "Asset Life Cycle Management" provides the substantial return on investment (ROI) their organizations are demanding.

Advantages of TMAultra’s Advanced Architecture

TMAultra is Zero footprint Deployment* Any TMAultra solution can be deployed locally as a Java Web Start thin client or over the Internet as an ultra-thin web-based client. Developed utilizing Servoy, a cross-platform Java RAD development tool, TMAultra solutions allow organizations to deploy the software on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, or to a browser client as pure html.

* Or near zero footprint deployment – the Java Web Start client is only 2MB in size

TMAultra is built using these standards: SQL, Java, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, and some of the most reliable Open Source Java projects: Tomcat, Apache Commons, Hibernate, Rhino, Wicket, Quartz, HttpClient, JasperReports (iReport), iText, Log4J..the list goes on!

TMAultra is database-agnostic. Because TMAultra leverages the power of Hibernate to generate ANSI-92 compliant SQL, you are only one JDBC jar away from migrating your database from one vendor to the next.  MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, DB2 Universal, Postgre SQL, etc.

TMAultra ’s code is dynamic. TMAultra’s code is ultimately Java—our engineers generate Java code using JavaScript. Thanks to Rhino (JavaScript for Java), we have access to all of the advantages of a modern dynamic scripting language.

Your data is dynamic. TMAultra uses a state-of-the-art feature called "Data Broadcasting" that pushes data in real time to all connected clients viewing the same records. This works not only for the Java Web Start thin client but also for ultra-thin web client through utilization of AJAX polling. Most importantly, TMAultra broadcasts only the modified data, taking pressure off your network. Each user is always seeing the current record displayed on their computer. In addition, TMAultra supports an audit trail down to the field level that can be user-defined for tracking original value, new value, who changed the data and when it occurred!

TMAultra is platform-independent. The application is cross-platform. The application server can be run on any Java-capable server. The thin client is Java/Swing and the web client is pure HTML and JavaScript. TMAultra supports Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.—any OS that supports the Java Runtime Engine.

Data is secure. SSL is built-in to TMAultra. Just purchase a certificate and install it…all data moving between the server and the client’s is encrypted to the highest levels.

TMAultra is easy to deploy and maintain. The application is installed on the application server and administered from a web page. It includes its own versioning system, and is deployed to your clients using Java Web Start or accessed from most popular web browsers. TMAultra also supports HTTP tunneling where both types of clients can use the same standard ports (80/443)…easily deployable behind a firewall. The application server and the database server can even be installed on the same machine. In addition, there is no local installation required. For Java Web Start thin clients, the only requirement is that the Java Runtime Engine be installed (and most machines already have this); no installation required for ultra-thin web clients.

TMAultra supports Open-Reporting using iReport* (JasperReports).  All of TMAultra’s reports are written with iReport. You can design, deploy or embed the power of your own reports using the same report writer we use. Users will have enterprise-grade tools needed to create reports and graphs with unprecedented ease, from the simplest invoice to the most complex dashboards. iReport is implemented in 100% pure Java so it too is platform independent. All of TMAultra’s reports are also unlocked so you can copy and modify them to meet your own unique needs. Create pixel-perfect reports with any layout and have the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.

*iReport is free software that must be downloaded separately and does not ship with TMAultra

TMAultra is offered in three versions. All have the flexibility, scalability, and optional modules necessary to grow with your organization's needs and requirements. These solutions have the ease-of-use for beginners yet are robust enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding facility management professional. Most importantly, the information generated by these solutions provide organizations with the ability to make better decisions, run operations more efficiently, and to achieve their ultimate goal — improve their organization’s financial performance.

The three scalable solutions include


is the ultimate maintenance management software solution that provides all the necessary tools to effectively maintain an organization's assets. provides all the features of and , plus additional functionality such as advanced accounting, materials management, optional UFI model (Universal Financial Interface), automatic split-billing, Stock Replenishment Wizard, entity/building components, asset condition index tracking and contract management.

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Welcome to TMA Systems :: Products :: TMAultra Solutions :: TMAultra WorkGroup

The TMAultra suite of products are the only Computerized Maintenance Management Software solutions that can be deployed locally as a Java Web Start thin client or over the Internet as an ultra-thin web-based client. TMAultra WorkGroup utilizes multiple integrated software modules that include, but are not limited to, the modules available in TMAultra eXpress such as work orders, preventive maintenance, and inventory control.


Welcome to TMA Systems :: Products

TMA solutions combine the best features and functionality of Asset Management Software with the strengths of a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System providing your organization with the ability to effectively and efficiently manage work-flow processes.


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Whether you are a new client implementing a TMA solution for the first time, or a current TMA client requesting additional training to optimize your use of TMA, you can be assured that you will receive a planned and well-executed approach toward meeting your goals and objectives. This commitment, along with world-class service, is the reason TMA has one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry. We are committed to your success.


Welcome to TMA Systems :: Products :: TMAultra Solutions :: TMA eXpress

The TMAultra suite of products are the only Computerized Maintenance Management Software solutions that can be deployed locally as a Java Web Start thin client or over the Internet as an ultra-thin web-based client. Utilizing TMAultra eXpress, your organization will be able to account for, maintain, and extend the useful life of your assets more effectively — from purchase through disposal.