T-Kennel: Cat Condos & Suites

By: Tkennel  09-12-2011

Luxury Cat Suites.

All condos are constructed of ¾" MRB (Moisture Resistant Board) and covered with thermally fused, high-pressure laminates. Our special high strength polyurethane sealer and unique rabbet joint design seals all panel connections. Chip resistant, 3mm PVC protects all door opening and resting shelf panel edges. Condo doors are constructed of 3 material options; stainless steel wire mesh, powder coated wire mesh, or acrylic doors. The back of the condos can be a solid laminate or a clear acrylic. Private litters and bedrooms are highly recommended off of each living area.

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T-Kennel: Modular Kennel Systems

Our kennel design, or as some refer to as runs, is a result of more than 25 years of experience in animal handling and kennel manufacturing. The simple but effective design represents a vast improvment over traditional kennels in efficiency, sanitation and animal welfare. Your staff will spend less time cleaning kennels and more time focusing on animal care and customer assistance.


T-Kennel: Components

T-Kennel is the only manufacturer that offers the industrys first drainage system proven to reduce cross-contamination. No matter what your budget may be or what aesthetics you are looking for, on the next several pages you will find it. Looking to configure the best kennel run design with only the best products.


T-Kennel: Accessories

When designing the best modular kennel configuration remember it's the small things that enhance the functionality of your facility. What about a way to organize your guests and easily know who you are looking for. From bowls, mounting kits, record holders and animal handling products. Looking for a quick way to feed all your boarded animals. Our accessories can offer you that and so much more.


T-Kennel: Tables

The Flat-Top Surgery Table offers a bacteria free environment with it's one piece table top while the V-Top Table offers horizontal to near vertical positioning while the patient can be positioned without external devices. Engineered with precision, our tables offer durability and multiple choices for your area of need.