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By: Tiny Bites  09-12-2011

People on the web are busy, distracted individuals.  The typical web surfer doesn’t want to wade through huge paragraphs to find info like your operating hours or street address.  Many are also turned off by corporate speak.

Now that iPhones and Blackberries are being used to find restaurants, wineries, food shops, and hotels, it’s even more important that your site is:

  • clear
  • concise
  • scannable
  • free of “marketingese”
  • personable or conversational

Besides writing effective web content, Tiny Bites Consulting can also assist in these areas:

  • Reference material and user guides
  • Article generation for blogs, magazines, and newsprint

If you need more than writing expertise, explore the other services that Tiny Bites Consulting can offer you.

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Marketing Services : Tiny Bites

If your site isn’t easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to get hungry over, you may want to improve how you communicate on your site. Once we analyze and strategize together, you can use our other services to implement your action plan. We can suggest better ways to reach the people you want to get in the door. We especially know the realm of online marketing.


Website Services : Tiny Bites

Because of this, we’ve learned which food sites we love, which we wish we could improve…and fortunately, we also have the skills you need to make these changes happen. Measure results such as visitor traffic and conversions to sale using web tracking tools that are right for you. Our team loves to eat, drink, cook, and travel.