TimeAdvantage - Lynne Jenkins - Personal Concierge Service, Qualicum Beach, BC

By: Timeadvantage  09-12-2011

e offer a variety of services aimed to help you liberate your lifestyle. If there is a service you can't find listed below then please to discuss your needs. If we are unable to offer direct help then we'll help findĀ  someone terrific who can.

Arrival Preparations
We will prepare your home for either your imminent arrival, or for that of your guests. We will ensure that you are properly stocked with whatever supplies you deem necessary. We will get a fire going, set the thermostat, bring in fresh flowers, whatever you choose.

Catering & Party Planning
We will assist your in-home entertaining, whether it's a large birthday party, or luxurious dinner party. We offer catering services, and for larger gatherings, arrange additional services from select local partners who offer the best entertainment services.

Entertainment Planning
We will provide ideas and information about entertaining activities in the area. We will can also make any or all the arrangements for you.

Errand Running
We will do the running around town for you, picking up and dropping off the little things so that you can stay focused on the big ones. When you are too busy having fun, taking it easy, or running your business, we will make sure everything else gets done. Here are just a few examples:

Dry Cleaning Pickup
We will take your laundry to the dry cleaners and bring it back home for you fresh and folded.

Grocery Replenishment
We will make sure that you have all of the groceries you want to have on hand. You tell us what you want and we'll deliver.

Liquor Replenishment
We will make sure that your bar is stocked to your liking, you tell us what you want and we'll deliver.

Pharmacy Delivery
We will deliver whatever you need from the local pharmacy - just let us know how we can help and you'll get what you want - fast.

Firewood Replenishment
We will make sure that you always have enough firewood ready to burn. You tell us what you need and it will be delivered and piled wherever and however you want it to be.

Key Holder Service
We will safeguard your home through ensuring that timely access is granted only to those who absolutely need to have such access. If your alarm system is triggered, we will be there. If it is a police matter, fire or other emergency, we will contact the necessary authorities and work with them. If it is a maintenance issue, we'll either take care of it, or advise you of the situation immediately, depending on your previous instructions - you choose.

Mail Collection and Forwarding or Safekeeping
We will collect all of your local mail for you. You will never miss any important correspondence, nor will anyone notice an accumulation indicating that you haven't been around for awhile. We will either keep it for you, secure it in your home, or send it to you wherever you are.

Home Resale Preparations
Thinking of selling your home, but dreading the presale prep work? We can do it all: de-clutter, fix up, and decorate. Whether it's just doing a brisk drop-by and pickup of the kid's toys and pet paraphernalia, or a top-to-bottom house cleaning we can take care of it. Need some more in-depth preparations, like painting, or room decorating? We can take care of all the arrangements.

Hot Tub Maintenance
We will make sure that your tub is regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure proper and safe operation while preventing many unnecessary and costly repairs.

Irrigation Maintenance Arrangement
We will arrange for quick and reliable maintenance of your irrigation system so that your landscaping is ensured a consistent flow of life giving water.

Landscaping & Specialty Arrangements
We will make arrangements for you when the major landscaping projects you envision are beyond our current scope. We will ensure that the proper company is hired so that the job is done well, quickly, and at a fair price.

Major Repair Arrangements
We will arrange for whatever major repairs you require that are beyond our handyman abilities. You tell us what you want and we'll make sure you get it in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Meet and Greet Service
We will greet your visitors at the property, ensuring that all is well for them and handing over keys, instructions, or whatever else you may think necessary.

Pet Care Services
We will help you care for your pets, from dog walks to vet and salon visits we'll free you up to do other things while we take gentle care of your animal loved ones.

Plant Care
We will provide all necessary care for your house plants, provided that they do not require extraordinary care. Live plants liven up any home. Let us help you keep live plants livening up your vacation home.

Recreation Planning
We can help you to choose how to best spend your leisure time, whether you are looking for ideas or just need specific information and assistance with making the arrangements, we can help you maximize your off time.

Security Inspections
We will check your property as often as you wish for us to do so, inspecting your home's security while looking for any mechanical issues or other indications that something might be wrong. This service satisfies your property insurance requirements while providing you with peace of mind.

Snow Removal
We will clear your driveways, pathways, and sidewalks of snow and ice. If it snows here we'll be there - and we'll leave your property well kept and safe, saving you from liability - saving you from worry.

Travel Planning and Reservations
We will take care of all of your travel arrangements, taking the burden off of you and delivering the best travel experiences possible. Whether you want us to get your friends from there to here, or yourself from here to there, we can assist with anything you desire.

Vehicle Detailing Arrangements
We will take complete care of your vehicle so that you don't have to. Let us keep it looking new when you have better things to do.

Vehicle Maintenance Arrangements
We will take complete care of your vehicle. We'll make sure that it's fully ready and running well so that it's safe and reliable when you need it to be.

Wait Service
We will being there when you can't be, whether for service people to arrive and make repairs or hook-ups, or delivery arrivals. In the meantime, we can use the time to take care of any chores or duties you require completed before you arrive home.

Yard Care
We will take care of your basic yard work. Let us do the mowing and trimming, weeding and feeding. We'll take care of the yard in a professional and cost-effective manner, saving you money and keeping your property looking great.