Tilapias, Tilapia Costa Rica

By: Tilapias Del Sol  09-12-2011

Fresh Fillet in quantities of 3-5 ounces 5-7 ounces and 7-9 ounces Whole fish, fresh or frozen (cleaned, scaled, boned, at the request of the client)


(por 3.5 onz. crudo) Cal 98, cal Gorda. 22, grasa 2.4g total, grasa 0 Saturada, Chol 0, Sodio 52mg, Potasio 0, Proteína 18.5g, Plancha 0.


The meat is typically white, although the red skinned tilapia may have a reddish tint to the meat. Cooked meat is opaque. The firm, flaky texture of tilapia has a sweet, mild flavor.