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By: Tila  09-12-2011
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By the time most people come to us for a loan modification, they have already been turned down by the lender. Often they have been turned down more than once, and in many cases, they have also tried to get a loan modification company or a free agency such as HUD or NACA to help them, which also failed. For these reasons we always work to assist the homeowners in locating a loan mod attorney who can help them.

It is  hard for the homeowner to believe that we can get the job done when so many others have failed, but there is a critical difference: we don’t recommend negotiations in the absence of a forensic or securitization audit.  In fact, our motto is “First you investigate, then you negotiate!”  However, the times have changed and the banks have proven beyond all shadows of a doubt that they are criminal and play upon the ignorance of their victims (oops, their customers).  Thus successful negotiations today are done by an attorney that we can refer you to if  you don’t have one already, ideally, one who can use the results of your investigation to improve your loan modification chances.  Attorneys are successful in dealing with the banks more often than not, and when they are empowered by Tila Audits, then your chances of success are even better.   By showing the lender what he is guilty of and how it could often mean that he won’t be able to foreclose, we are in fact eliminating his other solutions for making “risk-less” money. In essence, your loan mod becomes a better solution.

When Loan Mod Attorneys combine their expertise with Tila audits, it is possible to see loan modifications for people with investment properties, with jumbo loans, and with many other issues that the lender has said would disqualify them. One of the happiest groups to hear of our success is the homeowners who are still current. Even they are able to get a loan modification when they have Tila do an investigation first.

And these days, there is a whole new kind of loan mod attorney:  This attorney takes your request for a loan mod to court!  That’s right.  As the banks have evolved to higher and higher levels of criminality and abusive practices against homeowners, more and more attorneys are working to make sure the legal system is aware of these issues by bringing suit against your lender to modify your loan.  Nothing makes a statement like that!  And when the bank is presented with these types of actions, they tend to realize that they are dealing with a homeowner who means business!  The point is that you are empowered with audits and affordable legal representation.  There is no reason to give up and walk away anymore!

Our loan mod attorney referral services are not mandatory, they are available to those who wish to use them.

Often people ask Tila to negotiate short sales because the bank has claimed that is the only solution left to them.  That is not always true.  Many people who came to us for short sale, after seeing the results of their


either opted to sue their lender for

or have us refer them to an attorney to conduct a loan modification for them.

However, there are some people who truly do need to sell, and we can assist them too.  Again, we’ll conduct either a forensic loan audit or a securitization audit to “get the bank in the mood to approve” and then we can assist your real estate agent as he works to negotiate your short sale.

A deed in lieu is when a homeowner avoids foreclosure by deeding back the home to the lender in exchange for the release of all obligations under the mortgage. Both sides must enter into the agreement voluntarily and in good faith. Again, this is an action that can be done by an attorney whom we can refer you to.

Keywords: loan, Loan Modification

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