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By: Tiger Consulting And Software Devt  09-12-2011
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Applications Development

There are times that off-the-shelf solutions cannot resolve business problems. We recognize that today's competitive business environment is demanding. Therefore, we offer solutions that help you keep ahead of your competitors.


Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc (TCSDI)

, we can develop custom applications to suit your business needs.

TCSDI's tailored software applications suit the requirements of small, medium and large scale enterprises. We believe in exceeding customer expectations, provide affordable packages and deliver on time.

TCSDI adheres to industry-standard software development practices and exhaustively test the applications to guarantee requirements compliance and defect-free delivery.

Our custom software solutions include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Client Server / Desktop Applications
  • Customer Care and Billing (Customer Information System)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Distribution Management System
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Mobile Data System
  • Web-based Solutions
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


The twin trends of deregulation and globalization are not only intensifying competition in almost every market, they are also generating more layers of legislation and regulation. The cost of doing business is increasing as is operational risk. Economic factors are slowing growth and eroding margins.

Consulting is an advisory service that helps clients identify and analyze management problems or opportunities. Consultants recommend solutions or suggested actions with respect to client issues and help when requested in their implementation.

Consultants provide advice and technical assistance to help clients improve the use of their capabilities and resources in achieving business objectives.

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc (TCSDI)

has the ability to draw on a wide range of experienced resources and can both advise clients and also work with them to implement recommendations.

Our consultants can help improve your company by:

  • counseling management in its analysis, planning, organizing, operating, and controlling functions
  • conducting special studies, preparing recommendations, proposing plans and programs, and providing advice and technical assistance in their implementation
  • reviewing and suggesting improvement of policies, procedures, systems, methods, and organization relationships
  • introducing new ideas, concepts, and methods to management

Operations Support
Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc's (TCSDI)

operational support provide clients with:

  • IT Resource
  • Onsite Manpower
  • Project Implementation
  • Technical Support

We can provide operational support onsite and offsite. Tiger consultants are flexible enough to handle 24/7 operational support. We value our customer and we provide an immediate response to their needs. The operational support can be provided in different service level at a client's request.


In the past, building a business used to be all about ownership. In order to guarantee assets, knowledge and skill sets to deliver a product, service or solution, you had to own or employ them. The more you own, the more control you had over your business.

Today, it is different. Volatile markets, specialized skills, state-of-the-art technologies, staffing issues, differing time zones are some of the reasons why outsourcing became part of the business lexicon.

Organizations need to focus on operational efficiency as well as the implementation of a long-term business strategy. As a result, they are searching for new and innovative ways to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions and services to boost performance.

Outsourcing delivers the flexibility needed to adapt in a fast changing environment and can transform the organization's ability to create a competitive advantage and realize its strategic business ambitions.

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc's (TCSDI)

outsourcing solutions help improve the company by:

  • reducing of overall cost of service to the business
  • providing variable capacity
  • allowing to focus on core competencies by ridding of peripheral ones
  • tightening control of budget through predictable costs
  • improving quality through Service Level Agreements
  • delivering thought leadership and innovation
  • increasing flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
  • decreasing risk through risk management
  • lowering ongoing investment in internal infrastructure

Systems Integration

Business organizations frequently lack a clear understanding of how technology environments must adapt to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.

Today, Information Technology (IT) is often a complicated tangle of systems, platforms and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality, and are designed with varying standards. Efforts to connect them, or align them with a business process, have been a costly, time-consuming, risky endeavor.

Systems integration is the complex process of bringing together hardware, software, telecommunications, and people to apply Information Technology to solve business problems. It is not only just about integrating new solutions, but it also includes getting the most out of legacy applications to prolong returns from existing IT investment. This complex activity requires a mix-and-match of several distinct technologies, with the objective of providing compatibility and interoperability among different equipment and services. Within

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc (TCSDI)

, we have developed the various methodologies and practices needed to successfully manage systems integration.

TCSDI provides systems integration and program management designed to give you quick, secure access to the information you need. Our system integration services provide clients with single-point accountability for end-to-end specification, procurement, development, test, implementation, operations, and maintenance of business solutions for an end-user requirement

Our solutions are designed and managed to not only reduce costs, but to improve business processes, accelerate response time, improve services to end users, and give our commercial clients a competitive edge, now and into the future.

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