TWP-200 Series Premium Deck Sealers

By: Tidydeck  09-12-2011
Keywords: Deck, Structural Integrity, Wood Structures

California Cedar - TWP 205

Butternut - TWP 207
Darker Color

Gold - TWP 205

We typically recommend our medium color deck sealer, California Cedar. Depending on the age of the deck, and wood type, we may suggest a different color or other solid stain product. We also have a solid stain palette for available for jobs requiring them.

Industry experts & TIDYDECK agree,
TWP-200 is the best deck stain on the market.
That's why we use it.

TWP-200 is a deep penetrating stain that extends the life of your exterior wood structures like decks, fences, shingles and play gyms. It is a parafinic oil based stain that will not only beautify, but is truthfully rated to protect the wood for 3-5 years. This research was done at the Texas A&M Forest Products Lab who quoted, The TWP life span is double the life span of the #2 rated full color maintenance products in each class.

TWP-200 is designed to penetrate deep into the wood, improve and enhance the structural integrity and appearance of new or aged decking, fences, roofs and other wooden structures.

Our premium stains will reduce grain cracking, surface erosion, water damage & attacks from mildew, algae and UV rays from the sun. At 93% non-volatile solids, the product will add lubricity and re-bulk aged dried-out gray wood and brittle shingles. Our products comply with all state and federal VOC regulations. We look forward to serving you.

Keywords: Deck, Structural Integrity, Wood Structures

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If the decking is severely damaged, additional repairs such as replacing broken boards and steps can be arranged. Included are hammering in raised nails, tightening loose boards and adding nails or screws as needed. Will remove unsightly graying, mildew, deep down dirt & restores your wood to its natural color. Will smooth surfaces of the wood, improve stain penetration and remove dangerous splinters.