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By: Thorloki  09-12-2011
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Here is a sampling of Internet Marketing issues we help our clients with:

Search Engine Placement
One of the most important aspects of a web site is the ability to open the doors of businesses throughout the U.S. and around the world. The only way that this can happen is with top search engine/directory placement. Time and time again potential clients with web sites come to us stating that their site does not place anywhere in the search engines/directories. Just because a web site is online doesn't mean that it will place well on the Internet. Most webmasters and amateur web designers do not have the marketing research nor knowledge to be able to get top placement. It is very difficult to design a web site to meet the many standards of search engines/directories such as Google, MSN, Yahoo! etc.

How We Work
ThorLoki follows a "Top Search Engine" placement strategy which means that we work at getting top placement for our clients in the "Top Search Engines". There are thousands of search engines out their but the top 10 to 20 get 99% of all the visitors, which is why we focus on them. We determine the top search engines by keeping track of how many people are consistently using a given search engine. Our basis for such information is provided by the best names in the statistics industry such as , , and more.

Our Strategy
Our strategy in helping our clients is essentially as follows:

Proven Techniques

  • We use a wide variety of proven techniques to optimize the pages of a web site to be more appealing to the search engines and directories.

Careful Registration

  • We register a web site and its pages by hand (not using submission software). Registering by hand allows us to customize registration to the qwirks of each search engine. Most of the search engines can not be registered with using a program.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • We arrange for regular maintenance dates where pages are re-optimized based on a web site's performance statistics and then re-registered so as to keep the site "fresh" to the search engines.

Top Secret

    When you work with ThorLoki LLC it will become apparent how important key words and phrases are when designing a web site. Through Internet Marketing Consulting, we will guide you and your Marketing Team to the ideal combination of web site meta-tags title, description, and key words as well as work on optimizing text on the key pages. During this process we use proven search engines/directories strategies to optimally place your web site.

    Keyword Management
    We can manage your search engine keywords and phrases to make sure that they are search engine friendly and are receiving top placement in the appropriate searches. We work with many clients to optimize their placement in all of the major search engines using strategic placement techniques that we have perfected over the years.

    Web Site Improvement
    Knowing how and what to improve on a web site are essential to the long-term success of a web site. Therefore, it is one of the cornerstones of our business to help our clients choose good improvements. We do this relying on a variety of resources & methods:

    • Experience - we have worked with widely different clients in widely diverse industries/businesses. This experience has given us quite a perspective on what good improvement is both on a general and specific level.
    • Knowledge - there is always more to learn when it comes to web sites. We are constantly learning from our work and the work of others. We put this ever-increasing knowledge to work for our clients.
    • Performance Analysis - perhaps the biggest key to successful web site improvement. We can do quite a variety of different types of analysis – statistical analysis, usability testing, customer surveys, company surveys, and more.
    • Our Clients’ Knowledge - our clients are tremendous sources of information about their web site. We work to translate a general concept of they would like improved into how that improvement actually takes form.

    Strategic Web Sites
    Sometimes one, “do it all” web site is just not enough. In order to target potential customers more accurately, strategic web sites might be an excellent solution. Strategic sites are designed around specific result parameters (i.e. they are designed to get specific responses or to generate specific actions from visitors rather than allowing for a wide variety of responses or actions like a “main” web site would). Strategic sites might funnel customers to a store/existing site or act as a stand-alone site. Strategic sites can be designed to place high in the search engines & directories.

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a relatively straight forward form of online marketing--and probably the most effective currently available. Our service takes you through all the steps of establishing an effective marketing campaign. Once you are listed on Pay Per Click search engines our periodic monitoring and management programs will maintain your placements, positions, and budgeting requirements. Pay Per Click Advertising doesn't have to be costly if it is used correctly and monitored consistently..that's where we come in.

    Creative Marketing Consulting

    Web Incorporation Into Existing Marketing Materials and Sales/Business Activities
    Very important! Two points: (1) Your web site can make all of your existing marketing materials and sales/business activities much more effective by allowing a potential client an excellent way to learn more, shop, etc. at any time, on their own. (2) Your existing marketing materials and sales/business activities can market your web site. We at ThorLoki constantly work with our clients on better ways to incorporate their web site into their existing marketing materials and sales/business activities. We do this in a number of ways:

    • We analyze marketing materials (brochures, business cards, catalogs, vehicles, phonebook, storefront, etc.) for how the web site is presented (if it is at all), and advise on how to do it better. Our clients constantly have ThorLoki make sure that their web address is being properly advertised in the right places.
    • We consult on how to make marketing materials such as brochures and catalogs interact with the web site.
    • We work with people in physical and verbal contact with customers to educate them on how to use the web site as a marketing tool. For instance, if a potential customer is able to be online while talking on the phone, a person involved with sales or customer service can use the web site to show what they are talking about.
    • We work with people in all areas of a company to figure out and show them how the web site can benefit their company and their work personally.

    Advertising On Another Web Site
    Normally in the form of “banner advertising”, this form of advertising typically has a low return. However, the right type of add on the right web site in the right location can generate results. ThorLoki can help you decide whether this form of online advertising would be worth the investment.

    • We can analyze your company and industry to see what kind of “banner” advertising would be beneficial or if “banner” advertising would be beneficial at all.
    • We can help you determine if another web site might be a good opportunity by researching (1) the amount and type of traffic it receives (2) its advertising options (page location, size, location on page, etc.) (3) the success of others who have advertised with them, and other aspects that vary with each site.
    • We can research the Internet to discover potential sites.
    • We can help with the purchasing of the advertising by providing you with the relevant knowledge before, during, and after negotiations. Additionally, we can take part in or run the actual negotiations themselves.
    • We can design your “banners” or whatever type of advertising a given web site allows.
    • We can help you analyze the results of the advertising as well as help manage the advertising during the contract period.

    Selling Advertising On Your Site
    If you are getting good traffic to your web site, and you have the right type of web site, you might be able to make money from selling advertising. We can help you decide how much to charge, what to charge for, what type of real estate to give, etc.

    Want to deliver a web page to your prospects or clients inbox? It can be done. This is a very effective way of letting your customers know about sales or announcements are happening in a tasteful, professional manner. We can design a graphically rich email using the existing site theme, colors, and logo that you already have. You can send graphically rich promotions and announcements via HTML email.

    New Product/Service Development
    Adding the power of the Internet to the marketing arsenal means the opportunity to offer new/different products and services. For example a bookcase company whose traditional products do not ship well might take advantage of the national exposure of the Internet to develop new products or new versions of products that can be shipped easily. Another example, a Marine Supply company who sells only parts for fishing traps might expand to selling entire traps because their web site gets so many requests for where to purchase whole traps. We can help analyze a business and advise how that business might add to its existing products/services or modify its existing products/services to take advantage of the power of the Internet.

Keywords: Advertising, Internet Marketing, search engine, search engines, web site, Web Sites

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We work with our clients to educate and advise them on the options, potential, and opportunities of their web presence as well as how to get more out of their existing marketing efforts. We can analyze your company and industry to see what kind of “banner” advertising would be beneficial or if “banner” advertising would be beneficial at all.


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