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By: Thorloki  09-12-2011
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We can help your company get results from your web site and web presence. Whether your company has no web site, has an old web site that needs a redesign, or wants to make a good site great, we can help you have a well-designed web site. We are a consulting firm specializing in helping our clients use the Internet as an effective business tool. The web site is the most important aspect of a web presence. Given this, as part of our services we excel at designing, maintaining, and improving well-designed web sites. We are interested in long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. What this means from the web design standpoint is that we look to help our clients continually improve their web sites over time as they see results and decide to devote more resources to their web presence.

About Our Web Sites
There are two ideals we strive for in creating web sites: 1st that our web sites are "well designed", and 2nd, that they are "custom designed".

  • Well Designed
    • In a well designed site the look is unique, appealing, and professional.
    • The content is well written, engaging, and useful.
    • The pages are laid out in a professional looking manner.
    • The organization/navigation of pages and content is easy to understand and operate.
    • Graphics and pictures are high quality, innovative, flow/fit with the pages they are on, and either help with the readers understanding of the text and/or make the reading of the content more appealing.
    • Contact information and opportunities are readily available.
  • Custom Designed
    Besides constantly striving to create well-designed web sites, the web sites we build for our clients are custom designed. Custom designed means many things.
    • It means that the look and graphics are unique and appealing to both our client and our client’s audience.
    • It means that the content is distinctive and represents the uniqueness of our client’s business.
    • It means that the organization/navigation are customized to our clients content.
    • Custom designed means that a web site’s design is catered to the needs and desires of our clients target audience and customers.
Our goal in creating a web site is to capture the essence and purpose of our clients businesses and present their business in a clear, straightforward, professional, and appealing manner.

How We Work
To create a well-designed web site, one must have a plan of creation and the ability to follow that plan in a disciplined and timely manner. Over the years, we have developed a way of building and redesigning web sites that allow us to not only build well-designed web sites but custom as well.Our plan of creation has three main components:

Web Sites As Ongoing Concerns

  • Maintenance
    We generally maintain the sites we create. Maintaining means making changes, minor additions, and fixing any problems that occur (broken links, code malfunction, etc.).
  • Improvements
    We are always available to make large changes and major additions. These types of improvements might be adding new sections, completely revamping a current section, giving the site a new look, adding some special feature, or anything else that would take more than an hour to do.
  • Integration Consulting
    We actively help our clients integrate their web site into their existing business. The more a company’s web site is apart of its daily life and operation, the more powerful and useful it is.
  • Web Consulting
    We are a great resource for our clients as far as planning the evolution of their web site. We can tell them what is possible, what is in their budget, what their options are, what we recommend, and much more. We can also perform research for them like what their competitors or similar companies are doing online.
  • Other

Besides the web site itself, there is a lot we can help our clients with:

All of these things together make us able to achieve excellent ongoing results for our clients. Redesigns
  • For Potential Clients
    We love redesigns. We are great at getting you enthusiastic about finally seeing results from your web site. ThorLoki is a very unique company in the Internet world: we work hands on. Whether because a site is outdated, looks bad, has bad traffic, is not producing results, or any other reason(s), we can help. We generally do two types of redesigns: Entirely new site from scratch or new look and layout using existing content. We are great at both. In a case where it is desired that we work inside an existing concept making improvements, we can do that as well.
  • For Existing Clients
    We have done quite a few redesigns for our existing clients web sites (sites we built originally). As our clients grow and their web sites become more important to them, it is positive evolution that their web site be redone rather than just added to. It says a lot about our company that our clients have us redesign their site because it means that we delivered a good web site initially and that our clients trust us to give them an even better site next time around.

E-Commerce Solutions

For our clients who wish to do business directly through their web site, we can build a variety of online storefronts depending on their needs and goals. We utilize different software packages depending on the size and complexity of a desired online store. We can work with clients who have 20 products all the way up to clients with 10,000+ products. Our eCommerce Solutions, like our web sites, are custom (as much as can be depending on software used). We will work hard not only creating your online store front but in helping improve it over time.

Keywords: web site, Web Sites

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