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By: Thirdforce  09-12-2011
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As a leading specialist in elearning, with over 25 years of experience, ThirdForce has successfully deployed learning solutions to more than 30 countries around the world.

With over one million ECDL / ICDL tests taken every year, worldwide on our AutoTest platform, we have been at the forefront of delivering testing, diagnostics and elearning materials for the ECDL / ICDL program, and were the first supplier of ECDL Foundation approved materials for both courseware and automated testing.

This wealth of experience allows us to work alongside an array of Licensees and accredited test centres, and enables us to continually develop and evolve our complete solution. Our international partners include UNESCO, with whom we deliver automated testing across the Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and Sudan territories.
Our award-winning materials make us the delivery partner of choice for large-scale ECDL/ICDL programs across the world.

The complete ICDL solution incorporates automated certification testing, automated diagnostic assessments and interactive courseware. All can be supplied for Syllabus 4.0 and 5.0 and a range of applications are available including Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.

Key benefits of the MindLeaders Thirdforce solution

  • Unparalleled Integration
    The heart of our proven ECDL/ICDL platform, AutoTest, is integrated into our Central platform, to allow you access to testing, training and diagnostic tests within one powerful platform. This means that you have only one platform to access, from which you can tailor testing and training to learners. This saves you administrative time – and providing you with the most efficient ECDL/ICDL test delivery system available today.
  • Reliability and Security
    The Central platform offers multi-layer security, so that high-stakes tests are completely under your control. Our testing platform is a proven and robust system, so that it can meet the needs of thousands of learners around the world.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
    Our tools provide you with all the data you need to view detailed results information for tests, diagnostics and training materials. Reports will show when and where a test is taken with a summary of results achieved, as well as supervisor and invigilator information. View at a glance learners achievements, and feedback so that you can tailor your learning courses.
  • Customer Support
    A vital component to implementing small or large scale solutions is customer support. With Thirdforce, you have access to an experienced and dedicated team to ensure that your ECDL/ICDL programme runs smoothly, and that you have the expertise that you need on hand.

Public Sector

ThirdForce continues to deliver efficient technology enabled learning solutions to public sector institutions across the UK. Whether your requirement is for internal staff development, delivery to private institutions or to the community, we have a range of solutions that meet your needs. This includes an award winning range of elearning resources that include ECDL ITQ, Skills for Life courses, Compliance based courses and an extensive library of over 2000 advanced IT Professional and Business and Professional skills courses.

How can we support you?

Private Training Providers – whether you deliver courses to individuals, work based learning, or are up-skilling staff, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Local Government –Across the UK our training courses are being used for staff development within Compliance training, Adult Health and Social Care and IT training. Adult Education centres and libraries have successfully implemented a combination of our courses.

NHS – healthcare providers must provide compliance training to staff to adhere to mandatory regulations. ThirdForce partners with many Trusts throughout the UK to provide its training, assessment and testing solutions to enable successful outcomes and up-skill staff.

HM Prison Service – ThirdForce products have changed the lives of thousands of people during their detention in prison. Our courses provide stimulating and challenging learning environments whilst helping to reduce the likelihood of reoffending. Through the PiCTA project, which we are proud to be a partner to, over 30 sites across England are up-skilling inmates to IT user and practitioner levels.

The Education Sector

MindLeadersThirdForce is one of the foremost providers of technology enabled learning across the Education sector within the UK. With industry leading resources, our training platforms allow you to effectively deliver courses of all types to learners. Our partners represent every sector in Education, including Schools, Colleges and Universities, and with that comes the understanding of the unique requirements of every institution we work with.

Our training resources follow precise instructional design, with engaging simulated and interactive materials, and our assessments allow you to easily deliver and administer course tests.

Our resources are available in a range of delivery options, to suit your requirements, from the flexibility of online hosted solutions, to single use DVD installations.

Keywords: customer support, Delivery System, Diagnostic Assessments, Diagnostic Tests, Learning Solutions, Powerful Reporting, Reporting Tools

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