server based computing

By: Thinworx  09-12-2011

THINWORX Architecture for Server-Based Application Delivery

How SBC transforms the traditional desktop computing environment

Server-based computing resolves the management, access and security issues of a traditional distributed computing platform.

  1. Reduced IT Cost and ComplexitySingle-point application deployment, management and support simplifies administration and demands fewer IT resources than the traditional PC computing platform.
    • Applications are configured once, on a central server, and instantly propagate to all users; applications and files installed on a few servers can be made accessible to hundreds of workstations.
    • Patch management for clients is unnecessary.
    • Troubleshooting is simplified: issues are resolved centrally and simultaneously redressed on user devices.
  2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    A server-based computing platform reduces overhead costs, increases ROI and boosts productivity.
    • An SBC -enabled thin-client computing platform can dramatically reduce the energy consumption of end-use devices
    • SBC effectively extends Windows or DOS-based applications beyond the performance capabilities of the client workstation, allowing legacy hardware to run newer applications despite limitations of local memory and CPU.
  3. Increased Security
    • SBC is recognized as the most secure architecture for application delivery.
    • Centrally controlled, role-based access, further ensures data security.
    • Central control over data printing and storage rights.
  4. Enhanced Business Agility and Continuity
    • SBC accelerates application deployment and extends it to virtually any client device, enhancing an organization’s responsiveness and agility.
    • Ensures continuity during server interruptions.
    • Reduces system downtime through improved redundancy and disaster management.
    • Reduces the risk of data loss through centralized storage, management, and backup.
  5. End-User Mobility and Flexibility
    • SBC promotes flexible work arrangements by enabling remote access to enterprise applications and data.
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