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By: Thinkbraces  09-12-2011
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Braces!! Congratulations!

Today is the first step on your journey to a beautiful smile! We are thrilled to have you as part of our patient family! We promise to take great care of you. It is important that you understand that the success and length of your treatment is partially dependant on your cooperation. Here is some important information for you to know in order to take care of your new “hardware”.

What Is In Your Mouth?

  • Molar bands – the metal rings around your back teeth
  • Brackets – the small metal squares on the front of your teeth
  • Arch wire – the horse shoe shaped wire that runs across the brackets
  • Alastics, O rings, or ligature ties – the little colored ties that hold the wire to the bracket

What To Expect…
In the next few hours your teeth are going to “loosen up” and get ready to move. As this happens your teeth may become tender. It is a good idea to start taking Advil, Motrin or Tylenol as soon as you get your braces on to help prevent some of the discomfort. You will want to eat soft foods over the next few days until the tenderness subsides. Remember, the soreness is temporary.

The tissues (cheeks, tongue and lips) around your braces are not used to your new appliances and may become irritated. We have provided you with wax to prevent getting sore spots. Your tissue will eventually “toughen up”, but to start with USE YOUR WAX. Simply dry off the bracket with a paper towel and then tear off a small piece of wax and mold it around the bracket with your fingers.

Dos and Don’ts…for your appliances

  • Do avoid all sticky foods like gum, caramel, taffy, skittles and gummy bears.
  • Don’t listen to people that say it is OK to chew gum with braces!!!
  • Do cut up all fruits and vegetables into bite size pieces and cut corn off of the cob.
  • Don’t chew on ice, lifesavers, hard candy, corn chips, pretzels or Fritos.
  • Do ask us for an orthodontic mouth guard if you play any sport where you can get hit in the mouth.
  • Don’t chew on pens, pencils or your fingernails.
  • Do THINK before you toss hard foods in your mouth.
  • Don’t forget that every time something in your mouth is loose or broken, your treatment automatically becomes LONGER. We want your treatment to be short and FUN!
  • Do drink things that are low in sugar and not carbonated.
  • Don’t drink more than one soda per week.
  • Do brush your teeth EVERY TIME you eat – Never leave food on your braces! Food gets trapped around the braces, especially at the gumline. We will check your hygiene at every visit to make sure that you are doing a good job because we don’t want you to have stains on your teeth at the end of treatment.
  • Don’t forget to floss often – set aside some extra time during your busy day to take care of your braces!
  • Do come see us every six weeks for your adjustments.
  • Don’t forget to call if you have something loose or broken! We need to know in ADVANCE so we can schedule more time. Remember that repair appointments are done every day from 9:00 – 2:00.

Do Your Best!

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