By: Think Akamai  09-12-2011

Computers.  Whether you have just one or an entire network of them, one thing is sure: there are few other tools in our lives with which we have such an intense love-hate relationship.  When everything is working smoothly, we love them.  They help us to communicate with friends, to get great bargains, to keep up with the news, and to research just about any topic known to man.  They enable us to do professional presentations and reports right from our home, not to mention helping us in managing our finances and growing our businesses.  And, their potential to add to the quality of our lives seems to grow almost daily.  What did we ever do without them?   

On the other hand, there are those days..... the days when the computer keeps freezing up, when the printer just won’t print, when internet access is denied or slowed down to a crawl, or when we are overwhelmed with the amount of information we need to absorb, not to mention all the computer jargon we need to decipher, before we can even begin realize all the promised benefits of this machine.

At Akamai Information Management, we want to nurture your relationship with your computer, both on the bad days, by troubleshooting problems, and on the good days as well, helping to keep you one step ahead of your needs.  In the following pages, you will find various examples of problems and possible solutions that we have encountered in our past experiences.  These pages are not meant to be comprehensive answers to every challenge, but are designed to give you just an inkling of what we might be able to do for you.

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A wireless local area network will allow the Lee family to share one printer and the cable modem without a web of wires running from room to room, giving Becky and Christine mobility in using their computers in any room of the house. They also want everyone to be able to access the internet at the same time, but don?t want wires running from everyone?s computers to the printer and cable modem.



Based on their success at this level, the Sweets may decide to invest a little more and add a page that shows room availability and rates, as well as a secure on-line reservation system. The site?s effectiveness can be measured via the number of e-mails they receive from the web page, as well as using a counter to track the number of hits to their site.



What Mr. Bux doesn?t realize is that by linking his home and office computers together, he has now created a hole in his firewall, a hole which is necessary to allow him to access his office computers, but also gives the rest of the world the opportunity to access his confidential information as well.


AKAMAI INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, INC - wirelesslanconsiderations

Location of computers, peripherals, and power sources: Equipment should be placed where it is safe, accessible, unobtrusive, close to a power source, and in a spot where you can get maximum coverage area. Network access control: If you want to control who is accessing your network, a network access control device will allow you set up your authorized users with passwords or give access to select computers.



Back in and restart it, nothing appears on your screen except the words ?No operating system found.. Your heart sinks and you fear all is lost.