Thermo-view Services

By: Thermo-view  09-12-2011


Our first contact would be to establish your needs and requirements based
on equipment or structure you are concerned with. This could be an
electrical issue for one or one hundred electrical panels or switches, it could
be a building issue where you have
air infiltration or excessive moisture problems to identify or pinpoint
or it could be a mechanical issue, check clogged pipes or blocked steam traps. __________________________

InspectionInspections are carried out during your normal operating hours and “on line”. During normal operation hours because this is when the greatest demand is on your system and where issues, if any,
will show up. On line because we do not need to shut down equipment, we need to have it running or operating in it’s normal state. If the equipment is
off it will not reflect it’s true status.


ReportsAfter the inspection is completed, a full report would be generated. This can
be paper or e-mailed or saved on a
CD for you to view at any time.
Comments and recommendations are provided for each anomalies detected. Format of the report is the client’s choice. Infrared picture only, infrared and digital, only equipment with anomalies or every piece of equipment view is provided with an image.This is an example of report we are producing: