By: Thermalpix  09-12-2011

Thermalpix will concentrate on the residential building sciences sector.  Here are a few of the tasks that can be performed in a thermal inspection; Building Envelopes, Roofing, and Structure

  • Locate missing or damaged insulation and building envelope defects.
  • Identify areas of moisture intrusion and the potential for mold growth.
  • Evaluate radiant heating wires or pipes in concrete or ceramic floors.
  • Document the thermal performance of retrofits.
  • Discover thermal bridging and other construction anomalies.
  • Identify air leakage at foundation wall sill plate.
  • Evaluate performance of roof soffit vents.
  • Map hot and cold water lines and HVAC ducts.
  • Inspect electrical systems for hot spots.
  • Identify water damaged portions of a flat roof quickly and accurately.

If you have a unique problem, or you think thermographic imaging may be of some assistance, give us a call to discuss it and we will let you know if it is outside of our scope.