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By: Thermal Crete  09-12-2011
Keywords: Insulated Concrete

Product Information

The TF System® consists of four basic parts:

  1. Vertical Panel (8" width) made of high density expanded polystyrene. This can be custom cut to any height desired, up to 12 feet, for your building needs.
  2. Galvanized or poly I-beams that also can be cut to any height.
    These I-beams act as full height studs to attach dry wall, siding, brick, or stone.
  3. C-channels that are placed on the footer inside and outside. They are then placed on the top of the wall to staighten and set heights.

Energy Efficiency

The vertical panels are made of high-density (1.5 pcf miro) expanded polystyrene that comes in various thicknesses (e.g. 2" - 4 "). The thicker the panel, the higher the R-value. For example, the approximate value for the 2.5" panel, with concrete, is an R-25 thermo-barrier rating.

TF System Insulated Concrete Forms, the leader in vertical ICFs, has recently introduced a new crosstie stud. Contractors using TF System will now be able to use 2" thick, EPS or XPS rigid insulation panels on one or both sides of the forming system.

The 2 inch insulation option on each side gives you a true R-20 wall. For the most cost conscious of homeowners and contractors the new stud design of the TF System is the answer.For the person that prefers more R-Value, the new crosstie stud will also allow the use of thicker poly panels ranging from 2 ½" up to 4 " on either side of the wall. With this new stud the staff at TF System can design virtually any size wall thickness and R-value to suit your needs.For more information on this or any other of their other cutting edge vertical ICF technology; call 1-866-512-7383.

Keywords: Insulated Concrete