By: Therefore  09-12-2011

A company-wide solution backed by worldwide expertise.

You don’t just need any document solution. You need software and hardware that fit seamlessly with your current infrastructure. You need your team to understand the system and use it with ease. You also need a support staff ready to help when you want to upgrade or if you simply have questions.

That’s why you get so much more than software from Therefore. Our services team is committed to your success from the instigation and installation of your solution to the necessary training and ongoing support.

Installation and Integration

Our technical experts can handle all aspects of installation, ensuring smooth integration of the new system without disrupting your workflow. Following installation, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on how the solution handles the capture, management and distribution of your documents. You'll understand exactly how your Therefore™ information solution works.


As a customer, you will receive training based on your system's requirements.

As a Partner, you’ll have access to regular training to stay up to speed with latest developments in Therefore™ document solutions. This will enable you to offer the best possible training to Therefore customers.

Software Support

Working effectively depends on uninterrupted workflow. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive support service designed to keep your Therefore™ system working at 100%.

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This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits. Just fast, efficient, document flow that gives you a productive business edge through improved customer service. By Increasing your level electronic document processing you also decrease print and output costs.