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By: The Yp Publishing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Video, Internet Marketing

Your technical wizard.

Build your business without being worn out!

Implement your marketing plan.

Professional Websites

  • Membership Sites (Wish List)
  • Shopping Cart Setup

Internet Marketing

  • Ezines and Broadcasts
  •  Affiliate Account Setup


  • Create Multimedia Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations, Webinars  and Videos
  • Video Commercials Editing

Social Media

  • Social Media Plan
  • Social Media Setup and Maintenance
  • Other Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Scheduling


  • Pitch Letter
  • Pitch Articles
  • Guest Blogger Opportunities
  • Media Kit
  • Submission to Article Directories


Receive Global Exposure

Increase Clients

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Grow Your Business

Make Your Vision a Reality

Work Without Interruptions

Marketing Retainer Plans

5-Hour Plan
10-Hour Plan Receives 10% off Regular Standard Rates
20-Hour Plan Receives 15% off Regular Standard Rates
How do I schedule my complimentary 30-minute consultation?

Why The YP Publishing?

You’ll be able to accomplish a lot more with less time and
effort when you work with the support of a “team.”

Keywords: Internet Marketing, Marketing, Media Kit, Video

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