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By: The Weal  09-12-2011

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Spam isn’t only found in your inbox. It’s also the staple at the back of your fridge that you eat when you’re out of everything else. While you’re whipping up your favourite spam recipe, take a look at these Weal web picks. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith might be getting old but their comedic styling’s aren’t. Download their podcasts for free from smodcast or on iTunes and get ready to laugh.

At lunchtime on December 2nd, 2010, SAITSA flashmobbed unsuspecting students with a wicked rendition of Footloose! Shot entirely on iPhones and compiled together.

Special thanks to the members of William Aberhart High School Musical Theatre.

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Bethany Bartel digs the ball during a well deserved win against the NAIT Ooks Nov. 13. The Trojans won 3-2. Genesta Walz Photo

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SAIT Trojan Mike Ullrich, battles to the net during the second game of the ACAC Championship rematch weekend on Nov. 13. The Trojans dominated the weekend winning 3-2 on Friday and 6-3 on Saturday with Robert Norcera gaining his first college hat-trick. Genesta Walz Photo

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Jeanette Rutledge, Elizabeth Dickie and Jennifer Bishop of the HIOA program compete in a cake decorating contest in the Atrium on Nov. 15. The event is part of the Make Your Mark Campaign, an A&D initiative to help raise money for the Trades and Technology Centre and student scholarships. Andrew Crossett photo

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Gurwinder Sidhu dances the night away.

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Icatar uses trowel to smooth out his work. Competitors had 60-minutes to lay as many bricks as possible. But that doesn’t mean they can be sloppy. They’re docked 50 bricks per deficiency.

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SAIT’s Garrick Collins blocks MRU Cougar Lane Forsyth’s shot during the agame at the Cohos Common on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010.

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Ever wanted to (safely) see what a 2,000-degree house fire looks like?

On Sept. 29, the Calgary Fire Department will be burning two fully furnished house-like structures on campus to convey a vital fire safety message to students.

The demonstration – the first of its kind to happen on a Canadian campus – will help shed light on fire safety for post-secondary students, said Calgary Fire Department public information officer Brian McAsey.

Ready, set go: The SAIT Cross Country team participates in its first meet Saturday, Sept. 18th.

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When the health and condition of your body is essential to your livelihood, you tend to take fitness and health a little more seriously, and Trojan athletes at SAIT put in serious work to ensure that they are in top physical form when it’s time to don the red and white of the Trojans.


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The idea to design a new campus for students in Afghanistan was born in early July 2011 when the Canadian International Learning Foundation, a registered Canadian charity that provides educational assistance to distressed countries, approached SAIT. Even though there was excitement at the Gateway on Oct. 17 for the announcement of the Students’ Legislative Council election result the voter turnout in the elections was dismal.


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The Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta is holding a contest where Alberta residents who want to pursue a career in accounting could submit a video on YouTube to win an internship with Talisman Energy. There are numerous sources with tips to make your visit to the accountant easier, and we’ve sorted through them all to bring you five must-knows for your return.


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Long gone are the days of Perry Farrell making films about finding his dead wife, sporting dreadlocks and wearing vinyl clothing, but still apparent is the fascination and pedestal-like showmanship that has followed Farrell and his manic band, Jane’s Addiction.