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By: The Qlc Group  09-12-2011

There is a can do attitude at Quantum Life changes, and the premises behind our belief that you are capable of accomplishing great things and overcoming all obstacles. This may sound like an old adage that you have heard before and you may even say, “Sure that is true.” But are we tangibly living and believing that this is true.

The words accomplishing and overcoming are big words and are meant for people who are willing to take them on to reach new heights in their personal, mental, and spiritual lives. The mountains on this planet are meant for us ALL to climb and enjoy but only those who commit, persevere and overcome the obstacles get to stand at the top and bask in the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration at what they have accomplished.

Whether you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease or your life has taken a sudden turn due to a devastating automobile accident, we understand what these moments can be like! We at QLC have a great deal of experience in assisting people in these areas and provide you with the services needed to overcome.

The founder of The QLC group and Quantum life changes has personally experienced the devastating affects of being diagnosed with a permanent brain injury which would leave him unable to be employable and living a life of mental and physical anguish. The 3 year ordeal and multiple experts coming to the same conclusion left him depressed, worn out, visionless and with out hope.

“I had years of self development and counseling experience at the point of my auto accident. The problems I was facing on a daily basis chronic pain mental confusion and frustration seemed not to be affected by my attempts to apply the fundamental principals which allowed me to already succeed and get to the place I was. The thing I couldn’t see was this mountain was a bit bigger than I had anticipated, and all I had to do was persevere and be relentless in my pursuit to the top”

Scott Fleming

When we lose our vision we have for life, and fear and hopelessness seep in, it can be a very difficult uphill battle. We at QLC can offer you one to one services, services for your family, or speaking to your organization, your business, service group, or your church. The wealth of experience will sure be of encouragement and motivation for all.

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