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By: The Parrot Hotel  09-12-2011
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The Parrot Hotel offers in home bird boarding that will ease the stress of your bird and give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is well taken care of while you are on vacation or working late. All birds are welcome here from the smallest finches to the largest macaws. Feel secure leaving your birds with individuals active in aviculture. With us you are assured responsible service by knowledgeable staff.

Basic Care:

- Cage cleaning (papers changed, grill scrubbed)

- Daily water changes and more frequently if needed

- Daily food change or top-up

-Extra food and treats

- Hours of play and excercise time (Individual play and group play if allowed)

- Medication administration if required

Boarding at The Parrot Hotel

Extra Small Birds (Budgies, canaries, lovebirds) - $10/day or $10 per cage at the hotel

Small Birds (Conures, cockatiels) - $15/day at the hotel

Medium Birds (Amazons, african greys, pionus, mini macaws) - $18/day at the hotel

Large Birds (Macaws, cockatoos) - $20/day at the hotel

~*Ask about our multiple bird discounts and extended vacation boarding prices*~


-Payments must be in cash unless it is previously discussed prior to drop off
-25% deposit required when booking in advance
- NSF Cheques: $25
- Payments must be payed in FULL when you drop your birds off
- The owner must supply food for their bird(s) during their stay at The Parrot Hotel
- The owner is responsible for the caging arrangements for their bird(s) during their stay at The Parrot Hotel, however I do have limited space cages available
- Prices are subject to change on any of the services I provide
- Please see The Parrot Hotel's Terms and Policies for further information and details.

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Keywords: Birds

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