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Spa Services

At the New Age Spa, we are fully equipped and professionally trained to offer you the very best and the latest in skin, body and health care. Whether you are with us for a quick pick-me-up or a full day of pampering, we will provide you with a state of contentment, tranquility and lasting rejuvenation.

Aromatherapy Body Massage

This treatment combines the sense of smell, which makes a powerful connection to the brain, soothing your emotions and improves memory, with a nice relaxing massage. We use pure essential oils and botanicals that help uplift and detoxify. This is a truly effective therapy that helps to balance and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.
(1.5 hours) $125

Aromatherapy Body Wrap

(1 hour) $90

Aroma Stone Massage

Smooth palm size heated stones and essential oils are used to begin this soothing deep muscle relaxing treatment.The heat increases blood circulation to promote a deeper state of relaxation helping to balance the body's chi energy and to boost  the immune system.

(1 hours) $90 (1.5 hours) $125

Thalasso Body Therapy

This aromatic sea journey includes a detoxifying marine algae body wrap masque,lemon,orange and ginger oils will leave you feeling renewed, light and reenergized.It also includes a relaxing scalp ,face,body and foot massage.Amazing if you are in need for a getaway or want to loose few inches to fit perfect in that cocktail dress.
(1 hour) $90 (1.5 hours) $125

Acupressure Massage

Acupressure is an ancient healing therapy based on the belief that we have a network of energy lines which run throughout the body called Meridians. These energy Meridians are the conduct for the vital force or "QI" which flows through the body. This QI or life force can become blocked or stagnant. QI can be brought into balance by activating the acupoints using acupressure techniques. This is an amazing treatment for relieving pain and deep muscular tension.
(1 hour) $75

Shiro Dhara

This treatment is a combination of Ayurvedic Massage and the process of running a fine stream of warm oil on the "Third Eye" area of the forehead. Used in cases of stress, pain and emotional problems, stimulation of the "third eye" area affects deep centres in the brain that release brain chemicals - one of which is serotonin, a chemical that gives us the feeling of deep relaxation and of having a clear, calm mind.
(1.5 hours) $110

Ayurveda Massage

This massage is based on the ancient wisdom of the Tibetan and Indian Ayurvedic system. We work mostly on the head, face, neck, shoulders and the feet, where the most powerful Ayurvedic points are found. This treatment melts away tension and bodily stress, leaving you totally re-energized and at peace.
(1 hour) $75


A natural healing treatment based on the understanding that certain points in the feet and hands relate to particular organs and systems in the body through energy channels or "meridians". Through pressure application and stimulation of reflex points, physical energy is augmented, body functions are balanced, pain and stress are relieved, and healing processes are speeded.
(0.5 hour) $45 / (1 hour) $65

Lymph Drainage

With this treatment we can help to speed up the detoxification process and rejuvenate the tissues. This is a great treatment for maintaining good health and for water retention, cellulite or for people with congested lymph nodes. Amazing results for cellulite, excess fats and fat pockets.
(1 hour) $95

Reiki Massage

This massage works with the energies of the body by releasing the blocked energies, thus leaving you relaxed and balanced.
(0.5 hour) $45 / (1 hour) $65


The aim of acupuncture is to maintain health and restore the balance among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual. Acupuncture is great for relieving pain or ailments such as arthritis, back, neck, shoulder or elbow problems and rheumatism. It gives great results in addictions such as tobacco and alcohol. We have had success in helping problems like stomach acid, constipation, allergies, anxiety, asthma, colitis, depression, insomnia, eczema, gout, migraines, headaches, sciatica, PMS, and menopausal problems, just to name a few.
(0.5 hour) $45 / (1 hour) $70

Exfoliating Body Treatment

A gentle exfoliation treatment to help remove dead cells, improve circulation, and leaves the skin revitalized, clean and smooth. An ideal treatment before any massage or sunbathing.
(1 hour) $85

Salt Glow Thalasso Therapy Treatment

A deep cleansing and exfoliation treatment using a blend of sea salt and essential oils for stress relief. Relaxes and rejuvenates, leaving the skin soft. An ideal treatment to have a couple of times a year to help keep your entire body nice and soft.
(0.5 hour) $60

Marine Algae Body Wrap

We start with a full body exfoliation to eliminate dead cells, then we apply the marine algae mask with a mixture of essential oils all over your body. Great for detoxifying and revitalizing.
(45 minutes) $80 - partial /
(1 hour) $110 - complete

Moor Mud Body Wrap

We start with a full body exfoliation to eliminate dead cells, followed by an application of a serum and moor mud. We will wrap you from head to toe. This is a purifying and energizing treatment.
(1 hour) $95

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

Extremely relaxing, this treatment is a wonderful scalp massage that we do using a nice combination of essential oils to help you relax and to help your scalp and hair.
(0.5 hour) $45 / (1 hour) $70

Back Facial Treatment

Ideal for problems like dryness, breakouts and blackheads on the back. We follow all the steps for a facial, leaving the skin on the back clean and smooth.
(1 hour) $85


Iridology is the study of the iris to determine potential health problems and inherited weaknesses that may lead to physical and emotional disorders.It is a preventative practice that helps you understand basic health issues to avoid disease.
(1hr) $ 75 (1.5 hr) $ 97

 Ear Candling

An amazing elimination technique, safe, natural and effective.Involves the use of custom made hollow beeswax candles and a lymphatic drainage massage.Ear candelig relives sinus pressure and pain, ringing in the ear,swimmers ear,improves hearing,assists lymphatic circulation,regulates pressure,helps TMJ and allergies sufferers.

(30 min) $ 39 (1 hr) $70

In our customized facials we use 100% pure natural organic products to address your specific skin care problems and needs achieving a radiant,rejuvenated balanced skin.All facials include a skin and lifestyle consultation, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage also a stress-relieving scalp,hand and arm massage.You will also experience a Japanese reiki balancing energy treatment that will melt away any stress in your body leaving you relaxed and balanced.

Introductory Facial

Take a break out of your busy day and come enjoy this quick pick-me-up. The skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated to help loosen dead cells and bring impurities to the surface. A personalized mask removes toxins and hydrates the skin. We finish with an eye moisturizer (SPF 15) and a tinted, oil-free moisturizer (SPF 15), leaving your skin firm with an even complexion and a radiant glow.
(0.5 hour) $55

European Deep Pore Cleansing

A thorough cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction and an individual mask with an abundance of pampering massage on your face, neck and shoulders. The result is a fresh and younger looking appearance. This treatment is recommended on a monthly basis to help maintain a clear and beautiful complexion.
(1 hour) $75

Aromatherapy Facial

Enjoy our relaxing aromatherapy facials. Special blends of essential oils help to revitalize skin, prevent moisture loss and reduce blotchiness by restoring your outer beauty and your inner soul. Recommended for all skin types.
(1 hour) $85

Teen Facial

This soothing treatment will deep cleanse pores, calms redness and inflammation, hydrates and balances young skin. Experience instant improvement after one treatment. Series of 6 treatments recommended ($300.00)
(45 minutes) $65

Face Aroma Pressure Point Massage


Non-Surgical Face Lift

Combat signs of aging including loss of elasticity, dehydration and weak or sagging muscles. Low frequency pulses are used to help restore muscle tone and reduce line depth. After one treatment your skin will look healthier and more relaxed. After a series of treatments, people will comment on how great you look!
(1.5 hours) $120

Lymph Drainage Facial

Reduce puffiness and swelling caused by poor elimination and congested lymph fluids around the eyes and jaw line. Using lymph drainage equipment, the aesthetician follows the lymph channels with a drawing motion and assists the body in its own natural process of drainage. You will experience visual changes and relief from sinus pain and swelling immediately after the treatment. Great before and after cosmetic surgery since it helps to bring down bruising and swelling. Recommended for any skin type.
(30 minutes) $55
(1 hour) $90

Glycolic Peel Treatments

The glycolic peel treatments are the latest and safest anti-aging facial resurfacing treatments. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are clinically proven to be effective in achieving deep exfoliation, helping to bring new cells to the surface, improving hydration, thus making the skin look softer and smoother by diminishing fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Recommended for mature, dry, acne/oily, normal and hyperpigmented skin.
(30 minutes) $55
(1 hour) $90

Acne and Acne Rosacea Facial

A wonderful acne treatment to alleviate teen acne, as well as acne rosacea, adult acne and other oil-related skin problems by helping to restore balance and regain healthy, clean skin.
(1 hour) $85

Deep Hydrating Facial

With this treatment water and hydration are restored in the skin, fine lines are diminished, skin becomes plumper and smoother. Great for mature, tired and stressed, dry skin.
(1 hour) $100

Oxygenating Facial

Oxygen is vital for healthy, young looking and radiant skin. This treatment is based on the latest research. It is an anti-aging, anti-free radical, scientific beauty facial. Recommended for all skin types.
(1 hour) $90

Facial for Men

A deep, pore cleansing, executive fitness facial for men's skin with cleansing, exfoliating, pampering and a relaxing massage. This treatment will help hydrate, balance and relieve razor burns and sensitive skin.
(1 hour) $75

Modeling Rejuvenating Facial

A very intense facial treatment which includes a deep exfoliation, extraction, facial massage with lymphatic drainage, as well as penetration of concentrated serums which are wonderful for rejuvenating, uplifting and deep moisturizing of the skin. Recommended for normal, combined, dry and mature skin.
(1.5 hours) $110

Face Lift Facial

(1.5 hours) $115

Vegetable Enzyme Peeling Facial

(1 hour) $95

Neck and Eye Treatments

Minimized fine lines, wrinkles, sagginess, puffiness for immediate results. This treatment can be done separately or in conjunction with any facial treatment.
(30 minutes) from $55

Manicure - Regular


Manicure - French


Manicure with Reflexology

(1 hour) $50

Spa Facial for Hands with Manicure

An anti-aging hand treatment for dehydrated hands and cuticles, split nails and pigmentation spots. An exfoliation treatment that will help eliminate dead cells is followed by deep hydrating, oxygenating mask and finishes with a relaxing hand, reflexology massage which will leave the hands soft and smooth. A perfect manicure adds the perfect final touch.
(1 hour) $55

Manicure with Paraffin Treatment

A manicure followed by a warm moisturizing paraffin treatment will hydrate, sooth and revitalize. (No polish due to paraffin.)
(1 hour) $50

Aromatherapy Manicure

Your hand and nails will be bathed in warm jojoba oil, enriched with aroma essential oils. This treatment will help dry, brittle or cracked skin and cuticles. We finish with a perfect manicure, leaving you with soft, youthful looking hands.
(1 hour) $35

Full Foot Treatment with Pedicure

The feet are soaked in a mineral, herbal bath followed by a gentle exfoliation treatment to eliminate dry skin, callouses, rough and cracked skin. Vitamins A and B plus essential oils in a base of jojoba are used for a nice soothing massage that will improve circulation and relax you. We follow with a mask and a paraffin application. This treatment includes a pedicure. (No polish due to paraffin.)
(1.25 hours) $60

European Pedicure

In our European pedicure we take care of ingrown toe nails, corns, calluses and other foot-related problems. The result is beautiful feet which are ready to wear sandals.
(1 hour) $48

Sports Pedicure

Our Sports pedicure is a quick pick me up for feet and it includes cleaning up the toenails and cuticles, filing the calluses, ending with a foot massage.
(30 minutes) $35

Paraffin Foot Treatment


Aromatherapy Pedicure


Pedicure with Reflexology

(1.5 hours) $75

Hair Removal

Waxing is an effective form of hair removal, preferable over shaving because it is long-lasting and leaves the skin silky smooth. In time, growth of hair is slowed, resulting in areas with no hair growth. Wax is spread on the area in strips, which are subsequently stripped off carrying the hair and hair root with it. The treated area is then bathed in antiseptic cream to sooth and moisturize the skin. For an extra charge we apply self-tanning lotion to give you nice, silky smooth, golden-brown legs which are ready to wear shorts for the summer or for going south.Full Legs & Bikini Line Waxing $60
Full Legs Waxing (no bikini line) $55
Lower Legs Waxing $35
Upper Legs Waxing (no bikini line) $39
Bikini Line Waxing $23
Under Arm Waxing $19
Half Arm Waxing $25
Full Arm Waxing $35
Lip Line or Chin Line Waxing $14
Full Face Wax $35
Men's Back Wax $55 to $70

Treatment for Ingrown Hairs

We specialize in treatments for ingrown hairs. Whether the problem is on the face, neck, bikini or legs, we can help solve this unpleasant problem. Please note that a series of treatments may be necessary.

Brow and Lash Tint

If you are a blond or are starting to go grey, these treatments are for you. The treatments last up to 6 weeks. The brow and lash tint will give you a sporty look without too much make-up. Also great for swimming in summer. We use "top-of-the-line" tints made from natural vegetable extracts. Eyelash Tinting $23
Eyebrow Tinting $18
Eyebrow Shaping $19

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