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By: The Nelson Post  09-12-2011

Susie Armishaw shared these photos of a black bear she’s been seeing on a regular basis near her Procter home. I was scouting for eagles in their usual tree in Procter and instead was surprised to find a bear snuggled into the crotch of the cottonwood tree, hunkering down for a snooze . . . I’m [..]

Photographer Colin Payne captured the fog and colours from a popular vantage point and has shared it with Nelson Post readers. With Nelson socked in for most of morning with the customary fall morning fog, I abandoned photography efforts in town and instead took to the higher ground. I got there just in time to catch [..]

Photographer Douglas Noblet shared these two photos of the same lakes in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, showing how quick things change. “Yes, winter is on its way! Sapphire lakes up at Kokanee Glacier Park, shot only a few days apart. Coincidence I got the same angles as both times I was just flying by.” To [..]

Douglas Noblet, who has contributed several photos to the Nelson Post, has another to share. The wildflowers are late this year, but he visited Idaho Peak in time to capture the brilliant palette. Idaho Peak is a great place to see the wildflowers. This year with the snow being late to melt off the flowers are [..]

Nelson’s annual Flightfest organized by the Nelson Pilots Association drew thousands of flight enthusiasts to the Norman Stibbs Airfield on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. See my write up of a media flight over the region here and below, see some photos taken by myself and other photographers from the area. Where were those taken? [..]

Last week (Thursday, July 7) a lightning storm passed through the Kootenays, lighting up the skys over Castlegar, the Slocan Valley and Kootenay Lake. Mike Handley saw an opportunity for photographyand and headed to a spot he knew would afford him a great view down the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. He was rewarded with [..]

June was not exactly what most Kootenay residents would have liked. It was cool, delaying our adventures into the mountains, and slowing the harvest in our gardens.

That said, it was a good month for storms that rolled over the region, bringing torrential rains and sudden sun.

Another photo from Nelson photographer Fred Rosenberg. This photo comes the city’s recent history (2006), showing a local artist working on setting up a show at the Oxygen Art Gallery. Nathan Bartley during the afternoon, hanging his paintings at Oxygen Art Centre.  I was initially reluctant to show him this, not knowing how he feels [..]

Trevor Jenkinson sent in this photo of an interesting atmospheric effect seen over Nelson last week. I snapped this shot of the sun at around 3 p.m. on Friday the 13th in downtown Nelson. The halo effect is produced by ice crystals in cirrus clouds high in the atmosphere. It is known as a 22° [..]

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The City of Nelson Fire and Rescue Services will be accepting applications from community minded persons to fill several vacancies in the complementary Auxiliary Fire Department. The annual Selkirk College gala dinner is set to bring the world of talent, versatility and innovation of the college’s students to the community this weekend.


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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a respiratory disease where the breathing tubes into the lungs become swollen and partially blocked, making breathing difficult.It is characterized by shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, mucus production and fatigue.


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Glyn Humphries, who regularly follows health issues in the area, writes that coverage in CBC’s show White Coat, Black Art can give people a good feeling about the community’s health care, but it ignores the lack of surgery services at Kootenay Lake Hospital. We’ve built something brand new for the Kootenays, a calendar that will broadcast an event from one Inthekoots site, like the Nelson Post, to another, like Arts in the Kootenays.


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Yesterday city workers dismantled the Occupy Nelson camp in front of city hall amid passive opposition from the campers who had been there since the middle of October. Communications technology, or “Telecomm,” has provided Kootenay based businesses with better, faster and more efficient methods of running their business successfully.


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Nelson was a wild and woolly place at the start of the last century, where characters with names like Cayuse Brown, Roughlock Perry, Weary Willie, and The Yellow Kid might sidle up to the barstool next to yours and order up a shot of something strong enough to curl the hair on a tenderfoot’s chest.