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By: The Nelson Post  09-12-2011

Amid the string of good press and announcements, the issue of surgery in Kootenay Lake Hospital has been ignored, says one Inthekoots blogger.

Glyn Humphries, who regularly follows health issues in the area, writes that coverage in CBC’s show White Coat, Black Art can give people a good feeling about the community’s health care, but it ignores the lack of surgery services at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

Born in a Mennonite community at some undetermined point in the first half of the 20th Century, Ernie’s family was ostracized in the community because his mother was Jewish. He worked most of his life as a logger and also did a lengthy stint at sea, traveling the globe as a crew member on a [..]

This fall the Nelson Post will feature a new way of tracking how members of council vote on various issues important to the community.

A joint venture between the Post and a Nelson voter, the Council Scorecard needs the public’s input to determine just what issues will be tracked.

Nr 1: The domestic dog: a wolf descendant whose bite is responsible for about 1000 hospitalizations per day (mostly facial injuries of kids), and 34 deaths in 2010 in the USA alone. Known for producing loud noise at all hours of the day, often roaming freely and leaving unsightly and smelly poop everywhere. Perfectly legal in Nelson.

We’ve launched a new calendar on the Inthekoots Network and it’s not just any calendar. We’ve built something brand new for the Kootenays, a calendar that will broadcast an event from one Inthekoots site, like the Nelson Post, to another, like Arts in the Kootenays.

It’s a calendar that will let you filter out the stuff you don’t want, leaving you events you’re interested in. It’s a calendar that will let you download reminders of events onto your own computer so you don’t miss them.

Check it out.

Earlier this month council skirted around the issue of whether one of their own was in a conflict of interests regarding a matter before them. They didn’t directly address the question and while there was no money involved in their decision, the potential problem is how council and staff handled the question of a conflict [..]

Dear editor: The Liberals have made the HST an interesting topic of study for political scientists around the world; not in a positive way mind you, but as a fine example of how NOT to implement a tax shift. What started as a lie in an election has now evolved into Christy Clark’s attempt to [..]

Alex Atamanenko, MP, (BC Southern Interior) says that anyone who truly believes in democratic principles should be outraged that the Conservative government’s response to Air Canada’s (AC) employee strike action is to threaten back to work legislation that will criminalize their job action.

Editor’s note: The following is an obituary of sorts written by Nelson Post reader Mike Handley for the two juvenile grizzlies shot last week. Handley shared some amazing photos of the juvenile grizzlies spotted around Nelson and recently shot by a conservation officer. The animals had got into garbage and became a hazard to human [..]

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Nelson’s annual Flightfest organized by the Nelson Pilots Association drew thousands of flight enthusiasts to the Norman Stibbs Airfield on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. With Nelson socked in for most of morning with the customary fall morning fog, I abandoned photography efforts in town and instead took to the higher ground.


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The City of Nelson Fire and Rescue Services will be accepting applications from community minded persons to fill several vacancies in the complementary Auxiliary Fire Department. The annual Selkirk College gala dinner is set to bring the world of talent, versatility and innovation of the college’s students to the community this weekend.


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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a respiratory disease where the breathing tubes into the lungs become swollen and partially blocked, making breathing difficult.It is characterized by shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, mucus production and fatigue.


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Yesterday city workers dismantled the Occupy Nelson camp in front of city hall amid passive opposition from the campers who had been there since the middle of October. Communications technology, or “Telecomm,” has provided Kootenay based businesses with better, faster and more efficient methods of running their business successfully.


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Nelson was a wild and woolly place at the start of the last century, where characters with names like Cayuse Brown, Roughlock Perry, Weary Willie, and The Yellow Kid might sidle up to the barstool next to yours and order up a shot of something strong enough to curl the hair on a tenderfoot’s chest.