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By: The Nelson Post  09-12-2011
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Yesterday city workers dismantled the Occupy Nelson camp in front of city hall amid passive opposition from the campers who had been there since the middle of October.

While there was no violence, it wasn’t a peaceful event. Watch how it went down.

The tents and teepee that marked the Occupy Nelson presence in front of Nelson’s city hall are gone, removed by city workers enforcing council’s decision to evict the campers who had been there since mid-October.

Kevin Cormack, city manager, made the decision to remove the camp on Thursday afternoon.

After a month and a half in front of city hall, the City of Nelson gave the Occupy Nelson group an eviction notice but members of the group say they will still be there once 4 p.m. rolls around.

Come back to this post in the afternoon for updates from the camp.

PRESS RELEASE from the RDCK The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Central Resource Recovery Committee has recommended that the Board ask staff to pursue opportunities to formally restrict the types of waste management activities that can be undertaken at the proposed future Nelson Transfer Station site. The direction comes in response to public concerns regarding future site development [..]

Communications technology, or “Telecomm,” has provided Kootenay based businesses with better, faster and more efficient methods of running their business successfully. With technology changing by the second, keeping up with the latest and greatest has become a full time job for a large staff all on its own.

The City of Nelson Utilities Department will conduct a dye test on the Waste Water Treatment Plant effluent to evaluate the location of the effluent plume in the Kootenay River and also to help establish appropriate river sampling locations for receiving environment monitoring.

The Nelson Police Department has sent out a press release, asking people to stay off the streets tonight if they can.

Conditions are slippery and the police have received reports of accidents at various locations around Nelson. City sanding trucks are on duty but the press release says they may have trouble staying on top of the heavy snowfall expected to fall.

Come voting day, the Nelson electorate will be faced with a new kind of ballot, one that may remind them of their high school days, and one that will cut hours out of the counting to find out who will be the new civic leaders.

To vote with the new system, voters have to colour in a circle beside their choice. The ballot is then fed into a machine that counts the votes and keeps a tally that will be ready immediately once all the votes are in.

At 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 25 Nelson Police were called to the Nelson Bridge responding to a complaint of a distraught female threatening suicide.

Upon arrival police found the female clinging to the railing on the outside of the bridge deck. A civilian witness already on the scene was communicating with the female and the dialogue continued with the police. Other first responders arrived on the scene including ambulance and Nelson Fire Rescue.

John Dooley ended months of speculation this morning with the announcement he’ll seek the mayor’s seat for a third term.

Dooley told the Nelson Post he’s enjoyed working with the current council.

“There’s been a lot of harmony on council,” says Dooley. “We’ve been able to work well together and listen to each other’s suggestion and be open to them.”

Nelson is a diverse community and Dooley says he’s been able to take that into account as mayor.

Keywords: high school, Press Release

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