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By: The Nelson Post  09-12-2011
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Nelson was a wild and woolly place at the start of the last century, where characters with names like Cayuse Brown, Roughlock Perry, Weary Willie, and The Yellow Kid might sidle up to the barstool next to yours and order up a shot of something strong enough to curl the hair on a tenderfoot’s chest.

It’s in the spirit of these times that the Nelson Public Library and Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History have teamed up to present Storyteller’s Saloon: a Wild & Woolly Evening of Tales & Ales & Food.

It’s time to light the ……

It’s time to to meet the ……. on the …… …. tonight!

If you know the lyrics of the above theme song, then you know the inspiration for Nelson Youth Theatre’s next fun play, to be performed Saturday, February 25th, 2012, at the Capitol Theatre!

Nelson area youth actors x famous puppets = “Nuppets”!

There is “chaos” in the literary community! The Kootenay Literary Competition is now open and the theme this year for the adult competition is “Chaos” in all its forms.

This popular annual writing event is open to all writers in the entire Kootenay region. This year there will be two distinct competitions: one for adults and another for youth.

Recognizing the growing economic impact of special events, five West Kootenay festivals have joined together to spearhead the Kootenay Columbia Festival and Events Association, a new organization whose members will be stakeholders interested in the successful promotion and delivery of festivals and events within the Columbia Basin region.

The Cultural Development Commission (CDC), on behalf of the City of Nelson, is currently inviting applications and nominations for the position of 2012′’s Nelson Cultural Ambassador in the category of dance. The winner will be announced at the City of Nelson’’s Inaugural Meeting in December.

Applicants should be professionals performing in a recognized form of dance, be it traditional, contemporary, experimental or historical (i.e. folk, ballroom, etc.). Applications can be made on an individual basis or on the behalf of a dance troupe or company for a field of work. Preference will be given to dancers or companies who will be performing outside the City limits, in addition to in Nelson.

Where will we be in 100 years? Will we be fitter, stronger, happier, more productive? Raymond doesn’t care, but he does care about you, and how you’re coping. He wants to help you be all that you can be in 2111, he wants to show you how to take advantage of the possibilities and hopefully, hopefully, he won’t have a meltdown and get fired again.

SelfDesign High and Oxygen Art Centre are presenting an evening of Aboriginal film followed by a youth workshop this weekend. Tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 7:30 p.m., the school and art centre present Experience The World Anew, a film screening event featuring contemporary Aboriginal film. The evening brings together short films by six filmmakers, The World [..]

The Capitol Theatre announces their new season of performances for the 2011-2012 Season. Discounted subscription packages are available beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6 at the Capitol Box Office.

Opening the season is the return of the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue on Saturday September 24th at 8pm. Multiple award winners who have shimmied across stages from Vegas to Berlin the Cheesecake Burlesque are renowned for their comic timing, seductiveness and high energy performances. Not to be missed.

Canadian novelist and playwright Bill Gaston has dubbed Nelson’s Ernest Hekkanen—author of no less than 43 books of fiction, poetry, plays, essays, and literary criticism—Canadian literature’s “most resolute maverick.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 7:30 p.m. the Nelson Public Library offers a chance experience our own literary maverick as he launches numbers 42 and 43 of his considerable oeuvre.

What can an artist create with just 72 hours? Check out the ANKORS Art Slam Grand Showcase to see.

For three days local artists toiled away, creating art for the ANKORS Art Slam. They were given 72 hours to create something, anything inclucing: film, poetry, theatre, song, painting, sculpture, dance – any type of artist expression.

Keywords: Art, artists

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Yesterday city workers dismantled the Occupy Nelson camp in front of city hall amid passive opposition from the campers who had been there since the middle of October. Communications technology, or “Telecomm,” has provided Kootenay based businesses with better, faster and more efficient methods of running their business successfully.